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The 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian & CTOUCH Neo: Unique Meeting Technology for a Unique Hotel

In the heart of Munich, you’ll find the 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian. The Royal Bavarian aims to inspire their guests with unique meetings, demonstrations and event possibilities in non-traditional meeting spaces. They offer several unique spaces: from suites and bars to a library and more. The Royal Bavarian staff go out of their way to curate the best guest experience possible.

Choosing the right setup: future proof & flexible

The unique spaces thoroughly inspired guests, but The Royal Bavarian needed just a little more digital magic to get their spaces up to technology standards. What they needed:

  • A replacement for whiteboards,
  • A big screen, ending the need to squint at a tiny TV screen
  • Easy-to-use technology, allowing guests to quickly start their meetings
  • A paperless alternative for meeting notes, in line with the brand standard of offering the most modern, state-of-the-art technology available

What they got: the CTOUCH Neo, the easiest-to-use interactive display ever. Having heard of CTOUCH via their 25Hours sister hotels in Hamburg, the choice to replace their whiteboards and TVs with a CTOUCH display was easily made. The CTOUCH Neo was specifically chosen for its intuitive interface, making it the best choice for hotels and conference centres. With just four options to choose from, guests can easily and quickly start their meeting with little introduction necessary.

Check on touchscreen, but what about the rest of the setup? The Royal Bavarian aims to provide guests with meeting spaces that are totally different from the typical hotel-meeting-room-experience. What if a guest needs their product presentation to be in the sauna area? To accommodate this, the CTOUCH Neo was paired with the Amigo trolley.

The Amigo is a lightweight trolley that allows staff to quickly roll the Neo into the meeting space where it's needed at that moment. The flexibility of the Amigo trolley opens the possibility to use the Neo touchscreen in utterly unique ways: from hosting an important board meeting in the library to presenting shampoo products in the sauna or delivering interactive presentations in the bar – whatever the guest desires, The Royal Bavarian will do its best to accommodate!

Our partner Proton installed the Neo and Amigo with great care and attention to detail.

Higher quality meetings at the Royal Bavarian thanks to touch

The CTOUCH Neo was well received by 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian staff and guests alike.

The Neo facilitated modern meetings for guests, who were particularly impressed by the modern setup. Whiteboarding on an interactive panel was a wonderful addition to a traditional flip over. The ability to share their screens wirelessly was appreciated, with the big screen size being considered beneficial for the meeting's overall efficiency. The ability to share notes through QR codes after the meeting pleasantly surprised guests, some of whom had never used an interactive panel before! Touch truly made a difference for the quality of guests’ meetings.

The Royal Bavarian staff find the CTOUCH Neo much easier to manage than the earlier setup. Easier to explain too: we know the Neo is so easy to use that no manual is needed, but guests that have never used an interactive display before do benefit from a small introduction.

Inspiring technology to complement inspiring meeting spaces

The Royal Bavarian recognised the importance of easy-to-use modern technology for their inspiring, non-traditional meeting spaces. Touch technology was the weapon-of-choice to inspire guests with a modern impression. The CTOUCH Neo & Amigo duo have found their home in the 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian, where they've embarked on many adventures - enhancing many meetings, demonstrations, presentations and more!

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