Primary schools of the BoboB Foundation adopted CTOUCH

After new building and relocation, the schools “OBS” in Akkrum and “De Twa Fisken” in Grou started working with CTOUCH displays in every classroom, from group 1 to 8. The CTOUCH displays are widely used in almost all subjects. From maths, language and geography to a song while enjoying the fruit snack.

The displays offer more challenges and opportunities. There is more interaction with the screen and children are more actively involved in missions. They learn more unaware and playful and they love it. It’s easier for the teacher to hold the attention of the children, because the children are attentive. Working and learning with CTOUCH displays increase the involvement of students.

Not only students and parents are excited about ‘the great tablet’ for classrooms. So are the teachers, although it sometimes hard getting used to it is certainly worthwhile getting to know this new tool. Many large software vendors/ companies, develop programs based on touch and the kids are already used to ‘touch gestures’. This makes the use of the CTOUCH display very easy and teaching more efficient.

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