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More effective data sharing at Worcester Bosch

Worcester-Bosch is one of Britain’s manufacturing success stories and the brand synonymous with domestic boilers, particularly the combination boiler, a concept it invented. Innovation and efficiency lie at the heart of the company’s ethos in terms of its products and its working methods. Worcester-Bosch has pioneered a flexible and highly efficient manufacturing process in its UK factories, with products built on-demand.

The Worcester-Bosch drive for efficiency and productivity is reflected in its deployment of interactive collaborative technology at its Worcester headquarters, where 12 CTOUCH interactive displays have been installed in the Directors’ suite, management offices and meeting rooms.

CTOUCH displays are the ideal way for businesses to display information and foster enhanced and interactive collaboration.

The high definition resolution of the displays gives clear and crisp rendering of even the most detailed technical drawings, schematics and charts. The LED backlit technology reveals rich and vibrant colour under office lighting and without any of the shadowing or washed out colour and detail experienced with projectors.

Wall mounted in each office, the CTOUCH displays connects easily to a computer, enabling directors and senior managers at Worcester-Bosch to share information, visualize complex data and exchange ideas with their teams and colleagues on a large interactive canvas.

As well increasing the number of units, the Worcester-Bosch team is exploring how else they might use CTOUCH interactive displays, such as adding video conferencing and smartphone connectivity to extend their collaborative capabilities.

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