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Interactive travelling at Thomson Holiday Design Stores

Thomson Holidays has risen to the challenge of the digital retail age with an award-winning, experiential concept store, packed with digital technology, innovative store design and visible customer service.

The Holiday Design Store turns the process of finding and booking a holiday into an immersive shopping experience for would-be holiday makers and puts them firmly in control.

A wide entrance with a video wall replaces the traditional window display draws shoppers into the new-style store, where the walls are alive with video and other rich media content.

Once inside the store, shoppers have a choice of zones: the ‘pool’ styled browsing zone complete with mosaic floor and lilo seating where customers can browse with their own tablets and phones; the advice ‘bar’ zone where computers are set-up for customers to use with staff on hand to assist if required, or customers can seek a more personal consultation in the individual booths.

Central to the Thomson Holiday Store concept is the interactive map, an extra-large, vibrant display with multitouch, integrated into the wall of the store, enabling customers to explore potential holiday destinations anywhere in the world.

The interactive map teams an 84-inch interactive CTOUCH display with specially created content to inspire customers and bring potential holiday destinations to life.

Tapping a location on the world map takes the customers to a wealth of rich media content including videos of the location and even enables them to preview facilities of available hotels in the location and even look inside the bedrooms they might stay in.

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