Inspiring teamwork

Locamation supplies computer and software systems to the Energy market. The company is growing steadily, which made the move to larger premises necessary. Locamation has great expectations for growth, and will grow from 64 employees to 120 in 2017.

The new building does not look like a traditional company. Employees have flexible workspaces. They can retreat to privacy when they are engaged in work that requires concentration, but there is also a lot of space for them to use to talk with each other. During the move, employees indicated that they would like to have a tool that would make collaboration even easier. They asked for a solution to make it possible to exchange data without the use of e-mail or paper. WePresent was suggested; with this tool you can present wirelessly from any Apple or Windows computer, tablet or smartphone to any display.

Locamation can also use CTOUCH touch screens in all meeting rooms with one or more people simultaneously. From the CTOUCH display in the cafeteria it is possible to display on all screens in the company. It has become easier to share information, not only internally, but also to give presentations to our customers and prospects.

Locamation is a high-tech company with big ambitions, and this is how the company wishes to be seen in all respects.

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