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DAF Trucks UK ups its training game with CTOUCH

DAF Trucks UK manufacture a wide range of commercial vehicles which have been recognised for their advanced design, low operating costs and a superior level of driver comfort. Their range of award-winning vehicles can be purchased through its network of 133 dealers covering the country. They provide a consistently high standard of advice, service and expertise to help maintain DAF trucks to optimum efficiency.

The level of support provided by DAF dealers is based on the foundation of training provided by DAF to maintain the high standards of support customers experience. When the company planned the move to its new, bigger facilities, they knew that the level of training they provided could be improved upon, to make their dealers even more valuable to their end customers.

The new HQ was opened in September 2018 and comprises 4.5 acres with a three-story facility, which includes 50,000 sq. ft. of office space, a sophisticated auditorium and a four-bay workshop where their world-class training takes place. Alongside the workshop are training rooms where attendees consolidate what they have learned in the workshop.

The £20 million investment in the new headquarters was described by Robin Easton, Managing Director, as a “demonstration of the commitment to further strengthen DAF’s leading position in the UK market.”

The challenge
The opening of the new HQ gave DAF the opportunity to really up its game with the training it provides for its dealers. The fourbay workshop provides excellent hands-on experience with the company’s trucks. However, they needed to back that up with equally high-quality classroom-based training to support learning in the workshop.

The trainers had previously used SMART Board interactive screens; however, they felt they needed more flexibility and decided it was time for a change. “We often use detailed technical illustrations or 3D models of engines or engine parts and wanted a screen that supported a greater level of interactivity, as well as having excellent sound quality and a large workspace,” commented Mark Keen, Technical Trainer for DAF Trucks UK.

The move to the new HQ in Haddenham was the perfect opportunity to update their meeting rooms, as well as their lecture and conference facilities. DAF asked Design Integration, a specialist audio visual and video conferencing company based in Oxfordshire, to help them choose AV and IT equipment to help meet their objectives.

The solution
Design Integration knew straightaway that the CTOUCH Touchscreens would be perfect for DAF’s training needs. Knowing they would provide DAF with the flexibility they needed, Design Integration arranged for a demonstration unit to be installed.

The impact was immediate. The staff loved the new screen. “We couldn’t believe how easy it was to just start using the screens,”commented Mark. “The team had really positive feedback from the outset, so I knew they were the right solution for us.”

Based on this initial, positive feedback, Design Integration specified and installed six 86” CTOUCH Laser Air+ screens in six training rooms. Once they were installed, a CTOUCH trainer was sent to DAF to deliver free training to the DAF team. This is included as part of the purchase and is tailored to the needs of the group. The training given was useful to show us how to use the full potential of the screen. It’s a big step forward us, and will assist us with our training and the development of our Technicians.

The result
Installing the Touchscreen in the training rooms has had an immediate impact for DAF. Every training session delivered makes use of the screens, which has had a positive outcome for dealers attending. Being able to display and interact with complex illustrations, as well as annotate and save notes, has made a noticeable impact on information retention amongst its dealers and technicians.

Being able to see complex images on a large crisp looking screen is great. Interacting with the image is a breeze and annotating is as simple as picking up a pen!

DAF was impressed with every part of the process. “From the moment we started working with Design Integration and they recommended CTOUCH, we felt we were in good hands. We have a solution that gives us a flexible approach to our training because of the functionality of the screen. It’s easy to use our training rooms now because the set-up is so simple. Our technicians are better trained and our dealers are leaving with the knowledge they need to support our customers.”

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