CTOUCH solutions for Adwise

Adwise in Almelo is a full service internet marketing agency with over 60 employees. At Adwise, you are at the right place for online marketing strategy, development, management and optimization of websites & webshops and internet marketing campaigns. The company combines in-depth experience in marketing & sales, business and internet technology. RJ Audiovisueel delivered three CTOUCH 55 inch mobile solutions for internal communication, digital brainstrom sessions and a digital planboard.

More efficient with a digital planboard

The 55 inch CTOUCH displays are mounted on a CTOUCH Wallom mobile, a mobile electric lift, and put an end to the labor-intensive maintenance of complex planning boards. A digital planboard offers great benefits, such as showing the relevant schedule per day, per week or monthly just with a simple touch. Because the interactive touch screens are mounted on an electric trolley, this facility can be used at any location in the office. And because of a Cloud solution, the schedule is always up-to-date and available everywhere.

Internal communication via Narrowcasting

The mobile touchscreens are not continuously used for calls and meetings, therefore the screens are equipped with our Cloud Narrowcasting solution. By default, the screens are set to show Narrowcasting. This means employees can plan and create a digital presentation for internal communications. This way employees are effectively informed of company affairs. And when you go to the screen, the plan board shows directly just by touching the screen.

Powerful collaboration of software and hardware

In this situation, a powerful collaboration has been combined between the software solution and the delivered hardware facility. RJ Audiovisueel assembled the 55 inch touch screen on a mobile and electrical trolley. This is fully configured in such way that the Narrowcasting application automatically launches during office hours. And because the Cloud Narrowcasting solution supports touch, a combination was made with the digital plan board and some Adwise dashboards.

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