How to keep your students engaged during online courses

It was already hard to keep them engaged during normal classes.

Active learning, how?

Without the garlands and confetti cannons!

How we master flexible working

What is the impact of COVID-19 on flexible working?

8 Top Tips for working remotely

You don't want to miss this!

The new normal brings new business challenges

Are you ready to tackle them?

How to turn a boring lecture into a party

Let's show you why you want to start with active learning TODAY!

The ultimate video conferencing cheat sheet

Check out the biggest do's and don’ts for video conferencing.

Get a taste of a truly collaborative CTOUCH For Teams meeting in 7 steps

Make your Microsoft Teams meetings efficient, engaging and fun.

In 6 steps to a 6 feet office

Tips on how to get your office ready for the new way of working

Technology trend gets a boost due to Coronavirus

Are you a digital predator or a digital prey?

How to make virtual meetings a success?

Check out the do's & don'ts of virtual meetings

Are we all switching to blended learning after the coronavirus?

What is blended learning and what are the advantages?

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