Cooperatie hoogstraten

Coöperatie Hoogstraten & CTOUCH provide you with fresh strawberries

Who doesn't like them? Those delicious strawberries from Hoogstraten. There's even more exciting going on at Cooperative Hoogstraten. The commersialisation of fresh fruit and vegetables is their core business. This makes Cooperative Hoogstraten an important link between producers and buyers. And in order to work more efficiently and to be able to communicate faster with these producers and customers, a new office building and CTOUCH touchscreens was the answer to this.

At the end of March, Cooperative Hoogstraten was able to move into a new office building. A new home for employees, growers, customers and other stakeholders. This move was completed with the purchase of touchscreens. On the one hand, to share information and work better together in the new meeting rooms. On the other hand, there was a specific need to monitor the sales and logistics process from the offices.

Process control & collaboration

At Cooperative Hoogstraten, the product is the main focal point, with a strong focus on quality, freshness and food safety. It goes without saying that working quickly and efficiently is an absolute must. And the 16 CTOUCH Riva touchscreens contribute to this:

Clock auction

The sale of fresh fruit and vegetables takes place, among other things, according to the so-called clock aution principle. Lottery tickets for fruit and vegetables are offered for sale at a certain price via an online platform. A clock starts running and customers can print to buy lots at the set price. The price decreases as time passes.

To manage this sales process and monitor the dynamics of supply and demand, CTOUCH touchscreens are used in the new offices of Cooperative Hoogstraten. The interactive possibilities of these screens give those responsible for sales quick and easy access to useful information.

Our screens are also used to monitor the logistic process. For example, camera images of the loading and unloading docks can be viewed, in order to check whether certain products are ready in time.

Dynamic collaboration with EShare screen sharing

There is also a lot of activity in the offices and contacts with various partners take place: producers, traders and customers. With the CTOUCH EShare app, our touchscreens support dynamic collaboration and smooth interactions. Now guests can easily present their documents while logged in to a secure guest network. This happens completely wireless and from any PC, Mac or mobile device.

16 CTOUCH Riva's indispensable for clock auctions

Our Belgian partner recommended the CTOUCH Riva touchscreens because of their wide range of uses. The 16 touchscreens are used for various applications and can easily be reconfigured if necessary. assisted with the installation and configuration of one screen. The people of Cooperative Hoogstraten knew enough to start using the other screens themselves. That went smoothly and the screens were soon being actively used.

Maarten Peeraer, IT employee at Coopertive Hoogstraten: "As soon as we installed the CTOUCH touchscreens, the employees started using them. They are intuitive to use and we provide a manual for the company-specific applications. For clock auctions, the CTOUCH touchscreens are actually indispensable."

CTOUCH For Teams GO as the perfect BRIX match

With the CTOUCH For Teams Go solution, all CTOUCH touchscreens immediately get their own ID in Microsoft Teams. This way, they can easily be booked for meetings and it is immediately clear when rooms are available or not. This availability information is shown on the screens themselves. So if you quickly pop into a meeting room for a short discussion, you immediately know when you need to leave again.

The employees of Cooperative Hoogstraten were very eager to learn and immediately started using the brand new CTOUCH touchscreens. In order to make them even more familiar with the many possibilities of the screens, Cooperative Hoogstraten has its own manual. This way, everyone can get to grips with company-specific applications.

The taste of fresh strawberries will be on your plate this summer thanks to Cooperative Hoogstraten, and CTOUCH. Bon appétit!

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