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CTOUCH For Teams Go

From teamwork to dreamwork

Turn your CTOUCH touchscreen into the most flexible and efficient device for teamwork. Combine the power of touchscreen interactivity with videoconference applications of your choice, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Pexip or Google Meet. Working agile with Miro or Jira? Simply launch any type of collaboration session straight from your touchscreen!

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Videoconferencing with a touchscreen: Say hello to hybrid working!

Add an interactive dimension to your videoconference with a touchscreen. Launch your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Pexip or any other frequently used videoconference application directly from the menu. Stand up, work actively together as a team and bring ideas into reality in a collaborative setting.

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Teamwork done right: with touch and tools.

Did you know that dozens of team collaboration tools, such as Trello, Miro, Monday and Jira are optimized for touchscreens? This improves teams' efficiency and productivity. With the CTOUCH For Teams Go, you can easily access these applications from the touchscreen's whiteboarding menu, turning your meetingrooms in advanced collaboration workplaces. Oh, and you can leave your laptop at your own desk then!

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Advanced whiteboard at your disposal

Whether you are writing with a pen or with your fingertips, the CTOUCH For Teams Go whiteboard is as intuïtive as it can be. Featuring the most essential drawing tools, virtual laser pointer, redo and undo options and many more functions. Having an inspiring meeting is literally in your own hands. And when your session is over, easily share your work via USB, mail or even via Teams.

The team standup

‘Did you book this meeting room?’ ‘I hear an echo on your side’ ‘Can you reconnect?' ‘I can’t see your file’ ...

CTOUCH For Teams Go is smarter, more efficient and hassle-free

Bring your own device touchscreen

Room booking at your service

Got plans for a big meeting? Simply book a room via Outlook or via Microsoft Teams. That way, your colleagues can see your room booking on the touchscreen. Or just walk up to the screen to check room availability and you’re ready to go! And not to mention... CTOUCH For Teams Go can be safely integrated into your company network, just like any other company device, such as a laptop.

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Work safely and secure

Worried about data or network breaches? We've got you covered. By adding advanced protocols for data storage, authentication and remote access, users of the CTOUCH For Teams Go solutions can be assured about company data and privacy. Next to that, this platform comes with renowned security tools such as Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

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Easily share your creations

Happy with your creations? When your meeting is done, easily share your files via your personal Microsoft Teams account. Or send notes directly from the touchscreen to all attendees via email. Exit your meeting with a touch on the screen.

2. Meet like a maverick

Official Microsoft Device Partner

As official Microsoft Device Partner, CTOUCH is committed to delivering outstanding solutions that are interoperable with Microsoft Office 365 products. Together with selected resellers, we provide high-level service and support for our Microsoft-based products, including our corporate BRIX Solutions.

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Flex to the max

Attention IT department! Making customizations to the touchscreen's interface has never been easier.

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Combine this ‘BRIX’ with a touchscreen

The CTOUCH For Teams Go is a core building block to enable seamless Microsoft Teams collaboration in a hybrid workplace. That’s why we like to call them ‘BRIX’. But what’s a building block without a roof? To use our For Teams solutions, you’ll need to combine them with a CTOUCH touchscreen. And of course we provide you with a complete package!

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Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

  • Finger touch

    One-touch meeting start

    Seamless meetings

  • Video Call Icon


    Easy connect to Teams, Zoom, Meet and more

  • Wireless Display Icon


    PC, Mac, app or app-less

  • Whiteboard


    Annotate anything anywhere

  • Room Booking Icon


    Ghost meeting killer

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