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From teamwork to dreamwork

Combine the power of touchscreen interactivity with Microsoft Teams! Schedule meetings and rooms in Office 365 and Outlook. One-touch launch of your Teams video conferencing meeting via the menu. With CTOUCH For Teams Go, we provide you with a budget-friendly integrated Teams solution for large format touchscreens.

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Only available via authorized BRIX solutions resellers.

Teams video conferencing: Say hello to everyone!

Add an extra dimension to the meeting with video conferencing. Connect a camera on your touchscreen, so every can see your happy face 😊. Every invitee, also from outside of your organisation, can join the Teams meeting lobby. Via Outlook or Microsoft Teams, you are in control as to who can step in and join the conversation. Seeing everyone while you are working together on that new spreadsheet or presentation helps to keep a lively spirit.

Create a hassle-free Microsoft Teams Room meeting

Technology can be amazing, but also complicated. Our CTOUCH For Teams Go solution is developed with one core goal in mind: a seamless Microsoft Teams meeting experience. How? By starting a scheduled Teams session directly from the quick start menu. Combine our CTOUCH For Teams solutions with an interactive touchscreen and say hello to true collaboration.

Room booking at your service

Got plans for a big meeting? Simply book a room via Outlook or via Microsoft Teams. That way, your colleagues can see your room booking on the touchscreen. Or just walk up to the screen to check room availability and you’re ready to go! And not to mention... CTOUCH For Teams Go can be safely integrated into your company network, just like any other company device, such as a laptop.

‘Did you book this meeting room?’ ‘I hear an echo on your side’ ‘Can you reconnect?' ‘I can’t see your file’ ...

CTOUCH For Teams Go is smarter, more efficient and hassle-free

Easily start your Teams meeting and collaborate on shared content

Swiftly start your scheduled Microsoft Teams meeting via the touchscreen menu. Let participants join in on the video conference, all from the well-known and trusted application menu. Want to work on shared content? During the session you can wirelessly share your personal device screen in the meeting or open sites from the touchscreen web browser.

Add a touch of writing and annotation

Write, mark and annotate directly on the touchscreen. And the best part is: you’ll never run out of writing space. Advanced whiteboard features allow you to use digital sticky notes. And no magnificent handwriting needed. Text recognition will have your back. Write here, write now!

Easily share your creations

Happy with your creations? When your meeting is done, easily share your files via your personal Microsoft Teams account. Or send notes directly from the touchscreen to all attendees via email. Exit your meeting with a touch on the screen.

Official Microsoft Device Partner

As official Microsoft Device Partner, CTOUCH is committed to delivering outstanding solutions that are interoperable with Microsoft Office 365 products. Together with selected resellers, we provide high-level service and support for our Microsoft-based products, including our corporate BRIX Solutions.

Combine this ‘BRIX’ with a touchscreen

The CTOUCH For Teams Go is a core building block to enable seamless Microsoft Teams collaboration in a hybrid workplace. That’s why we like to call them ‘BRIX’. But what’s a building block without a roof? To use our For Teams solutions, you’ll need to combine them with a CTOUCH touchscreen. And of course we provide you with a complete package!

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Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

  • One-touch meeting start

    Seamless meetings

  • Microsoft Teams
    Video conferencing

    Easy connect to Teams

  • Wireless

    PC, Mac, app or app-less

  • Smart

    Annotate anything anywhere

  • Room

    Ghost meeting killer

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