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The CTOUCH Canvas stands out in every meeting room! Its unique CTOUCHABLE™ design invites you to instantly touch the screen. Discover the ultra-fine pen-on-paper like writing experience. It’s designed for business and meets the highest security standards. This touchscreen platform is the pinnacle of all-in-one collaboration boards.

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Bring innovation and teamwork to life!

Advances in cloud collaboration, tooling and conferencing systems are fast pacing each other. Want to get into flow with your team? The CTOUCH Canvas sets the benchmark as THE touchscreen platform for all-in-one collaboration boards! The Canvas is the ideal interactive business display and meeting space solution for instant screen sharing, whiteboarding and cloud video conferencing.


Canvas’ unique CTOUCHABLE™ design stands out and invites you to get into flow with your teamwork, through energising meetings where creative ideas are shared and innovation takes form. From the coloured rubber and soft-touch textile frame, to the touchable buttons and intuitive menu. It all works together to foster energising meetings.

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Ultra-fine writing experience

Write, sketch and annotate like never before! The optical bonded InGlass™ touch technology delivers you a high-precision pen-on-paper-like writing experience. Simply use the passive pen or your finger and write or erase as fast as you can. Creating ideas together? No sweat! Write smoothly with up to 4 users simultaneously.


Without operating system (NO-OS). You are in full control!

The Canvas is designed for business grade security

This is why it comes without an operating system. No software updates are needed. No data is stored on the display. And no apps can be installed that could leak your data or grant access. Want to double-down on security and lock the ports? No problem! Data, video ports and the settings menu can be disabled or locked.

Business connectivity & management

You are in full control! The USB-C port provides easy one-cable presenting for video, touch, charging and internet. For management and local control, the RS232 interface and IP management is available. Want to integrate the Canvas in your enterprise network? Combine it with a CTOUCH BRIX or Windows 10 OPS fitted with standard MDM and security suites.

Whats your flavour?

Available in regal orange, electric blue and midnight grey

Easily upgrade with CTOUCH BRIX

The CTOUCH Canvas is a modular touchscreen. It can be upgraded over time with our collaboration solutions. We call them BRIX. Ready to dive into Microsoft Teams meetings? Or want to bring Zoom Rooms into your meeting space? Simply fit the CTOUCH Canvas with a BRIX module and you’re set to go. With the CTOUCH Canvas you are prepared for the workplace of the future!

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Energy efficient & sustainable

We're on a mission to minimise the CO2 footprint of our products. So, the Canvas comes with an A/A+ energy label and a circularity passport showing minimal material usage and energy usage. The CTOUCH Canvas also complies to ISO 9001 & 14001 standards. And that’s not all. With the built-in human presence detection function the CTOUCH Canvas automatically turns on and off when you enter or leave the room. Saving money and our planet!

More about our sustainable mission Download Circularity passport

Amazing sound

Amaze your audience and immerse them with the JBL® speakers. They deliver Live-stage (virtual) Surround sound. Even in the back of the room the sound is impressive. Want to collaborate with video conferencing? You are already set to talk with the built-in far field microphone array.

Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

Unlock all potential with the CTOUCH Academy

Get to know the basics of touchscreen interactivity. Or upgrade your skills and become an advanced user with help of our trainers. Check out our handy online course materials or discover the many options for fun, helpful and in-depth trainings.

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  • BRIX

    Based on a
    modular platform

  • Optical Bonded InGlass™

    writing experience

  • 80 Watts JBL Speakers
    + Microphone Array

    Immerse your audience
    and collaborate

CTOUCH Canvas Specifications

  • Invites user-interaction: CTOUCHABLE™ design
  • Ultra-fine 'pen-on-paper' like writing: Optical bonded InGlass™ technology
  • Business secure: Without operating system (NO-OS)
  • Designed-for-Business: Update-free operation & IP management
  • BRIX solutions & WIN10 OPS compatible: modular and future proof
  • USB-C connectivity: One-cable presenting for video, touch, charging and internet
  • JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound + Far-field microphone array
  • Triple S glass: smooth, stripeless and safe

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