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the way of overcoming bridges

Video conferencing the CTOUCH way

Bring remote teams together in a cool new way. Distance is no longer a setback for a productive meeting. Video conference with colleagues all over the world as if they are right next to you. Say YES to team breakthroughs and NO to physical boundaries. Meet the catalyst for collaboration:

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Microsoft Teams on a touchscreen

Most companies use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. What if you used your Microsoft Teams account on a large interactive touchscreen? You'd be surprised at just how easy it works. No need for additional software, just use the platform you are already using.

Videoconferencing_Boudaries of distance

Ready for a test ride?

You won't regret it. We promise.


Are you at the cinema or at the office?

Imagine a full theatre experience with razor sharp image and amazing sound. But then in your meeting room. Not a TV, but an interactive whiteboard. Write and annotate directly on the screen. Video conference with your colleagues all over the world thanks to seamless Microsoft Teams integration. In sync with all laptops, tablets, smartphones and operating systems. Popcorn is on us ;).


Touchscreens empower video conferencing

Video conferencing only makes sense if the technology works seamlessly. We dare you to try this on our interactive whiteboards. Bring remote teams together in one virtual meeting room. Focus on the content of the meeting and enjoy the thrill of remote collaboration!


So why should you video conference?

Face to face is always more personal than email or a phone call. Video conferencing is as close to a face-to-face meeting as you can get. Immerse yourself in video conferencing on an interactive screen and you'll wish you had known about this years earlier!

  • Time is precious: travel only for the perks, not for the meetings :). Simply video conference from anywhere.
  • Save on travel costs: video conferences on a touchscreen feel as if everyone's in the same room.
  • Productivity uplift: share documents in swift virtual face-to-face conversations.
  • The footprint challenge is on: happy you, happy planet, less travelling.