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How do we realize
customer happiness?

Discover the CTOUCH Circle!

The CTOUCH Circle

Don’t worry, the CTOUCH Circle is not a secret society that believes in purple aliens and magic rainbow balloons. So what is it then? Simple. It’s the fundamental element that helps us in making you a happy user of our products!

The CTOUCH Circle consists out of four themes: Customer Engagement, Future Proof, Safe & Secure and Sustainability. These themes define our DNA. The starting point in everything we do to add value for our most important customer: you! We use the themes to give meaning and substance to our vision:

"Fostering happiness through extraordinary interactive experiences in collaboration and knowledge sharing"

We make it our mission to excell and innovate within all of these topics. And we do that by taking on fantastic projects and bringing new initiatives to life. Getting curious? That’s great, because we love to share and talk about this! Be sure to read on to learn more about each theme and the actions we take to get a smile on our customers faces!

Themes of the CTOUCH circle

Future proof CTOUCH circle

Future Proof

Connect together:
now and in the future

Safe and secure CTOUCH circle

Safe & secure

Providing a safe &
secure environment

Customer engagement CTOUCH circle

Customer engagement

Excite our customers
with touch

Sustainability CTOUCH circle


Sustainability: ‘Walk the walk’
on climate change

Connect together: now and in the future

Every day, we aim to strengthen our products, our services and our people. This means that we enrich our products with smart innovations to extend their lifetime. With continuous software developments and modular solutions we also enable long-term usability for our customers. Our evolving services and dedicated teams help our customers to easily adapt to future demands and simply work better together. Want to learn more about how we make our products future proof?

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Providing a safe & secure environment

We want you and all of our customers to feel safe in our hands. Not only with our products, but also in the way we do business, in the way we communicate with people and in the way we handle data. Our digital world demands that products are connected and interlinked with other systems. That’s why our products are designed to minimise the risks of unwanted access. We take care of digital safety barriers and make sure these are frequently updated to provide that safe and secure environment.

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Customer Engagement: Excite our customers with touch

We believe in standing up, instead of sitting down. In working together instead of going solo. We believe that spot-on touchscreen solutions can help us to work more efficiently and productive. This can only be achieved if we keep listening to you. That’s why we put a lot of energy in personalized services and support, together with our partners. We also check if our efforts are perceived likewise by our users. This knowledge is our guide for future success and continuous engagement with our customers.

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Sustainability: ‘Walk the walk’ on climate change

Global warming is a fact and there’s no time to waste. So we’re on a mission to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe. We go the extra eco mile by lowering our CO2 footprint by 25% in 2025. We’re happy to lead the way in putting logic in ecological.

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Circularity Passport

We are the first (and currently only) touchscreen manufacturer with a circular passport for our touchscreens. This includes a transparent overview in the materials we use, the CO2-impact of our solutions, as well as a showcase of initiatives we take to minimize our impact. Furthermore, we team up with WEEE, we’re extending the lifespan of our products with modular technologies and we’re even able to give our products a second life after first use. We’re proud of what we’re doing for a more sustainable world.

Canvas Circularity Passport