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Putting logic
in ecological

We're on a mission to minimise
the CO2 footprint of our solutions.

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More than sustainability

Global warming is a fact and there’s no time to waste. So we’re on a mission to minimise the CO2 footprint of our products. We do this by not only zooming in on the lifecycle of our products. Sustainability goes further than that. The environmental footprint and circularity of the consumer electronics should become a key topic on the agenda of AV industry pioneers. We’re happy to lead the way in putting logic in ecological.

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Turning our words
into deeds

Better materials

We want to reduce material usage and recycle to recover (scarce) raw materials.

Less harmful

We minimise the amount of dangerous substances.

CO2 reducing

We aim for a product lifecycle with a low CO2 impact.

Energy saving

We develop energy saving touchscreens that eventually save you money.

How to reduce our eco footprint?

With our BRIX family and Circularity Passport. A win-win for the environment and modern workplaces and classrooms.


BRIX, a rock solid solution

We brought the mission of material usage into practice with BRIX. It's a modular solution that uses the touchscreen as a basic platform, which is upgradeable via modules. Whiteboarding and easy screen sharing might already match your needs. Your needs change? Upgrade with your matching module and transform your space into a futuristic huddle or classroom. Without replacing your entire touchscreen.

Meet our BRIX family

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Ready to board with our Circularity Passport

Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) we’ve rolled up our sleeves. We’ve conducted research on the CO2 impact of manufacturing and using touchscreens. In our journey towards creating a more sustainable touchscreen we will remain transparent. So, we've got our passport with us: the CTOUCH Circularity Passport.

Read more Download Riva circularity passport Download Canvas circularity passport

Canvas Circularity Passport

We teamed up with WEEE

We take our responsibility for ensuring that our products cause as little damage to the environment as possible. Therefore we teamed up with WEEE. We are compliant with their regulations for the disposal and recycling of our products in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. But that’s not all. We also reuse and refurbish end-of-life products, giving them a new destination at a reduced price. Ultimately, each product will get a new home: a modern meeting room or classroom.

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True circularity: our repurposing project

Going the extra mile in sustainability and to minimize our CO2 footprint, we launch a ground-breaking repurposing project. Allowing CTOUCH to take the responsibility and ownership of its products, we reward companies that intend to exchange their existing CTOUCH solutions for brand new ones. We then refurbish the screens after their first ‘end-of-life’-stage. Then we upgrade them so we can repurpose them in new industries. At an affordable price. Contributing positively to sustainable development goals. This gives CTOUCH products the longest average lifetime in the AV world. Just as important, we’re avoiding unnecessary use of new materials during production stages. And we prevent waste of raw materials that are still in perfect shape. True circularity!

Sustainability CTOUCH

AV News Awards & InAVation Awards winner

While the sustainability train is riding, we haven’t gone unnoticed. We are very proud we've won the InAVation Business Awards 2021 in the category 'The Sustainability Award’. And we've won the AV News Editors Choice Award with our modular, sustainable and futureproof BRIX solutions. Click on the logos for more info:

Sustainability is part of the CTOUCH Circle

CTOUCH Circle, say whut? Don’t panic, it’s not from out of space. The CTOUCH Circle consists out of 4 themes: Sustainability, Customer Engagement, Safe & Secure and Futureproof. These themes drive us, in everything we do.

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