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Walk the walk
on climate change

Making a real difference
is what it is all about.

Our journey towards a sustainable future

Global warming is a fact and there’s no time to waste. So, we’re on a mission to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe. We go the extra eco mile by lowering our CO2 footprint by 60% and increasing the circularity of our products by 25% in 2025.

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Our promise to you

CO2 reduction

We offer products with a lower ecological footprint. A modular design and smarter ways of transportation lead the way.

Better materials

We use better materials, reduce material usage and increase recyclability and re-use of materials.

Next life

We create a next life for our products. Used products are returned and refurbished for a second market.

Financial benefits

We develop energy-efficient touchscreens, offer cheaper service due to easy repairability and a longer service life.

Ready to board with our Sustainability Passport

Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) we’ve rolled up our sleeves. We’ve conducted research on the CO2 impact of manufacturing and using touchscreens. In our journey towards creating a more sustainable touchscreen we will remain transparent. So, we've got our passport with us: the CTOUCH Sustainability Passport.

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We are ISO 14001 certified

With ISO 14001 we've got environmental management under control

ISO certificering

4 areas of sustainability

In order to walk the walk, we focus on 4 areas that will help us in achieving our sustainable goals.

  1. Production Phase > our production, packaging and transporation process.
  2. Use Phase > the way in which our customers use our products.
  3. End-of-life Phase > the end-of-life and circularity of our products.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) > the environmental and social impact of CTOUCH as an organisation.
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True sustainability needs transparency

All about the CO2 footprint of our touchscreens and the materials used, right at your fingertips.

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Contributing to the SDGs

In our sustainability journey, we are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We give priority to those SDGs in which we can maximise our impact and are of greater importance to our company and stakeholders.


Education is essential if we want to work towards a developed, inclusive & healthy future.


We use renewable energy sources for our office and take an active role in the communities around us.


We actively take actions to operationalise sustainability in our supply chain.


Collaboration and partnerships are key in achieving our goals and the SDGs.

WEEE compliant? Check!

We are compliant with the regulations of WEEE for the disposal and recycling of our products in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. We support their goal to recycle 65% of the disposal e-waste in 2030. But that’s not all. We also reuse and refurbish end-of-life products, giving them a new destination at a reduced price. Ultimately, each product will get a new home: a modern meeting room or classroom.

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How to reduce your eco footprint?

Extend the lifespan of your touchscreens with our modular collaboration solutions.

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Together we achieve more

Our sustainable mission can only be achieved through collaboration and strong partnerships. Therefore, we teamed up with sustainable partners like MVO Nederland, Fontys Hogeschool & SPARC (Sharing Platform for Applied Research Cooperation), JINC, Formula-Eindhoven and Workplace Vitality Hub. After all, only together we can make the world more sustainable!


Download our free whitepaper

Join us on our journey towards a sustainable and circular future. In our free whitepaper you read all about our green initiatives and how you as a CTOUCH customer will benefit from going the extra eco mile together with us.

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Repurposing = true circularity!

To take true ownership of our products, we give companies and schools a refund for their used screens that reach their first end-of-life. We refurbish and upgrade them so that we can repurpose the screens in new industries at a reduced price. This gives CTOUCH products the longest average lifetime in our industry. Just as important, we’re avoiding unnecessary use of new materials during production stages. And we prevent waste of raw materials that are still in perfect shape. True circularity!

Sustainability CTOUCH

Sustainability is part of the CTOUCH Circle.

CTOUCH Circle, say what? Don’t panic, it’s not from outer space.

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AV News Awards & InAVation Awards winner

While the sustainability train is riding, we haven’t gone unnoticed. We are very proud we've won the InAVation Business Awards 2021 in the category 'The Sustainability Award’. And we've won the AV News Editors Choice Award with our modular, sustainable and futureproof BRIX solutions. Click on the logos for more info:

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