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Blog 18-03-2024

CTOUCH Neo x eduroam & iotroam - the safest choice for higher education

eduroam & iotroam – All roads lead to roam

With the rise of digital devices used in education, safeguarding student and teacher data is of critical importance. Especially considering how user experience dramatically increases for the better when devices are connected to a network.

The CTOUCH Neo touchscreen provides peace of mind to IT administrators working in higher education by implementing various security features and being compliant with eduroam and iotroam. By taking away any and all security risks, teachers and students alike enjoy unhindered classes or group work.

CTOUCH Neo is eduroam compliant

eduroam is the standard in higher education for network connectivity. Schools worldwide rely on eduroam to connect student, teacher and guest devices to their network regardless of the location of the school. CTOUCH Neo uses WPA2 Enterprise, the same WiFi protocol required by eduroam. This allows schools to connect the Neo touchscreen directly to their network.

CTOUCH Neo is ready for iotroam

Have you heard of iotroam yet? iotroam is a new service first launched in the Netherlands. As the name implies, it’s specifically developed to connect non-personal IoT devices to the network. Non-personal IoT devices, such as touchscreens!

Schools in the Netherlands have been enjoying this service as of January 2024, with more countries expected to follow soon. CTOUCH Neo is fully prepared, as it supports iotroam’s WPA2-Personal protocol. Safely connecting the screen to your secure WiFi network is a piece of cake.

CTOUCH Neo security features

Apart from complying with both eduroam and iotroam, CTOUCH Neo possesses several safety features to meet the different safety standards of campuses worldwide.

Is your school not keen on having students access web pages? During installation, the responsible IT manager can disable the web browser to retain full control of internet activity.

Furthermore, the built-in whiteboard does not store any data locally or in the Cloud. Teachers and students can download their work via a QR code after they’re done whiteboarding. After closing the whiteboard, CTOUCH Neo erases everything to ensure nothing can be accessed by unauthorised users.

Finally, CTOUCH Neo can be entered into our Heartbeat service programme, which ensures the screen will be receiving security updates and new Android versions up to 10 years of its release date.

CTOUCH Neo: the safest touchscreen for higher education

CTOUCH Neo is the best choice for higher education institutions looking for the highest safety standards possible. A wealth of security features, combined with eduroam and iotroam compliance offers complete piece of mind to the IT manager and users alike!

Want to know more about CTOUCH Neo’s security measures?

Read the Neo security notes

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