CTOUCH delivers 84″ 4K Leddura xt

The real deal!
With the introduction of the CTOUCH Leddura xt model, CTOUCH Europe achieved the next level in touch evolution. Now CTOUCH takes it a step further by not only introducing the real deal 4K touch display but also delivering! CTOUCH Leddura xt empowers users to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity in the room. The multi touch display is designed to support group work, problem-solving activities and consensus decision making, as well as building important 21st Century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.


The 84” 4K is part of the recent launched CTOUCH Leddura xt family. The xt series distinguish itself due to the OPS slot and optional Soundbar xt. Picture perfect resolution (native 4K), the Ultra HD display can handle up to four times the resolution and pixel density.

4K is the new big thing in display tech, and the CTOUCH 84” is one of the first 4K touch displays that will be available for order from December 2013!

Today’s 1920 x 1080 resolution Full HD displays present us with an image of around 2 megapixels, but this new generation of screens delivers an 8 megapixel image from hi-res cameras. Technically speaking, 4K denotes a very specific display resolution of 4096 x 2160. This is the resolution of all 4K recordings, though many people use 4K to refer to any display resolution that has roughly 4000 horizontal pixels.

The next level accomplished

The CTOUCH Leddura xt is the latest generation of interactive large format touch displays. A spectacular design with functional perfection for every classroom, meeting room or public display areas. The added features and accessories are about innovation and design from a user’s perspective. “It’s about a total touch experience”, according to Francois Barlinckhoff CEO of CTOUCH Europe. “The combination of design with functionality and ease to use is reflected in every detail. Even the newly added CTOUCH pen is developed from that perspective”, he continued.

Enjoy the power of interaction

The multi-touch surface opens the world of touch technology to large audiences increasing engagement, involvement and collaboration. Compatible with Windows7 and Windows8, Mac and Linux platforms, the power of touch is available to everyone using a CTOUCH display. You can start instantly, no drivers needed.


No more lose components. No more hassling with cables. Start saving money with the integration of an OPS module! The new Leddura xt is powered with an OPS slot, which enables you to add a mini pc that meets your requirements. Enjoy the Intel® power in your CTOUCH. Due to the in bezel- connection -slots  you can attach additional devices. The added OPS feature is a major advantage compared to regular interactive touch solutions. Now the system integrator saves time and money installing the touch device. Obviously the end user saves money in the installation costs and eventually in low power consumption of an OPS module. Flexibility is also key in a situation when an upgrade is required; the OPS PC is easily exchangeable.
All-in-one solution, customizable for all purposes!

CTOUCH Soundbar xt  – Extend your sound experience

During the development of the CTOUCH Leddura xt display it became clear that it had to embrace a total touch solution. Not only visual, but also audio had to be incorporated. The result? CTOUCH Soundbar xt; an optimal sound experience, simplicity and a seamless merged within the design.

The Soundbar xt not only looks robust, but also is a solid power tool! Whether you are listening to music or speech, 90 Watts of crystal clear sound is available. Due to the in bezel docking, wiring belongs to the past. Again, system integrators save time and money in the installation of the device, which result in lower project costs to the end user.

  • Great connectivity: 3 x HDMI, 1 x HDMI UHD, Display Port, 2 x USB (2.0, 3.0), RS232, audio out
  • Incredible audio experience: 90W wireless audio with advanced QBS surround sound enhancement
  • Awesome power performance: OPS functionality with Intel® Inside power


In addition, all CTOUCH displays are shipped with Multi touch annotation software and BYOD  connection software (Smoothboard Air). Connect your publics’ mobile devices, Apple iPad, Android, Windows tablet or Smartphone wireless with the CTOUCH displays. Annotate, share, meet, explore & connect.

The display is delivered with a standard three-year full warranty (optional five years) and is available from December 2013 throughout Europe.


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