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Events 01-03-2024

Discover Innovative CTOUCH Meeting Solutions at the Independent Hotel Show in Amsterdam!

Step into the future of hospitality at the Independent Hotel Show in Amsterdam! Join us on 12th and 13th March 2024 at our booth C118 in the RAI Amsterdam. Here we'll showcase our revolutionary meeting solution: CTOUCH Neo, the easiest-to-use touchscreen ever!

  • Inspire Your Guests: Your guests are seeking fresh perspectives on their work, and that's precisely why they frequent your meeting rooms and conference halls. With CTOUCH Neo, we facilitate your guests with technology so intuitive, you won't need to explain a thing—except where the coffee is!
  • Discover the Touchscreen Made for Your Meeting Space: Your guests want to dive straight into their meetings, and you need technology that's easy to manage. Enter CTOUCH Neo. With just a tap, your guests can choose from four options and kick-start their meetings effortlessly.
  • Touch Makes the Difference: Change is good, but too much can be overwhelming. Thankfully, with Neo, your guests can seamlessly integrate their trusted digital tools with touch, or utilise Neo's whiteboard and note-sharing features for a paperless setup.
  • Dynamic Meeting Spaces with Neo & Amigo: Our Amigo trolley is Neo's best friend. Easily roll the desired screen size of CTOUCH Neo into the room using our flexible trolley mount. With built-in wireless internet, setup is a breeze—just plug in the power cable and you're ready to roll!
  • Host Green Meetings: Impress your guests with our interactive display's sustainability features. With smart on/off functionality, Neo conserves energy by automatically turning off during breaks and springing back to life when your guests return. Want to quantify your energy savings? CTOUCH Sphere, our remote management system, provides valuable insights into energy use, helping you save up to 38% compared to other brands.

In short, the Independent Hotel Show offers a unique opportunity to discover the future of hospitality and experience how CTOUCH meeting solutions can elevate your business. Visit us at booth C118 and get inspired!

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