Leddura 2Share Essentials

Easy wireless sharing

  • 65"
  • 75"
  • 86"

Enter the meeting room with your clients, partners or peers. Right away, you’re ready to go and fully engaged. Leddura 2Share Essentials is there to make you shine. Designed to share digital content within seconds. Wirelessly and safely. Combine your presentations with the infinite whiteboard and annotation tool. Walk up to the board and let your team’s ideas flow. This interactive touchscreen makes collaboration easy and fun!

Dare to share? Voila! It’s there!

App or web-based. Take wireless screen sharing during meetings to a whole new level with Voila. Share documents on the big touchscreen with any device. Get your presentation up and running within seconds and without installing any software. What about security? Just type in a unique 8-digit access code to unlock the magic of Voila. Secure. Reliable. Productive.

BRIX: a rock solid solution

Say hello to Mr. Ready-for-the-Future! Our touchscreen is based on a modular platform. We call it ‘BRIX’. How does that work? Simple. You may want to start with a basic touchscreen, for wireless sharing and whiteboarding. But you can do so much more with it… Why replace something completely when you can also upgrade it whenever you want? With CTOUCH, now you can. Simply upgrade the BRIX module and you’re set to go. Futureproof it is!

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Add a touch of writing and annotation

Write, mark and annotate directly on the touchscreen, together with your colleagues. And the best part is: you’ll never run out of writing space. Let our infinite and intuitive whiteboard bring more interaction to your team meetings.

Top-notch JBL® live stage (virtual) surround sound

The integrated 80 W JBL® speakers deliver Live-stage (virtual) Surround sound. Unlike anything else you've ever experienced at work! The integrated far-field microphones are equipped with advanced sound reduction and echo-cancellation technology. This ensures clear voice reproduction and removes unwanted sounds from the microphone signal.

The sound of collaboration: Human Presence Detection

A meeting should be engaging. We should get up from our lazy seat and truly work together. With Human Presence Detection, the touchscreen’s integrated microphone literally hears people entering the room. The screen is automatically powered on so you and your team members can get started right away. No need to find that ever-lost remote control! Finished the meeting? The screen turns off by itself after a short time. Saving power up to 80% and thinking about the birds and the bees.

Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

  • 3 year

    Free updates and support

  • 80 watts
    JBL speakers

    Integrated JBL® Live-Stage (Virtual) Surround Sound

  • BRIX

    Based on a modular platform

Leddura 2Share Essentials Specifications

  • User-friendly userinterface
  • Share content wirelessly with any device
  • Integrated infinite whiteboard and annotation functionality
  • BRIX compatible
  • Excellent JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound
  • Human Presence Detection

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