Demonstration Program terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:

This document serves to set forth the Terms and Conditions for your participation in the Demonstration program (the “Program” or “Demo”). By placing a request for a CTOUCH Demonstration, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Program

The Demonstration Program is a complimentary service for CTOUCH channel partners.

The program should be used for strategic opportunities, where the Partner has led with a CTOUCH solution.

Education and Corporate opportunities are both eligible for participation in the Demonstration Program.

2. Term

CTOUCH reserves the right to terminate or modify the Program at any time.

3. Conditions

To participate in the Demonstration Program, the Channel Partner must agree to the conditions stated herein.

Channel Partner agrees to:

A. Adhere to the requirements for registering a CTOUCH Demo as outlined below.

i. Requests must be submit at least 5 working days’ prior to the Demonstration.

ii. Meet minimum verification requirements for registration. CTOUCH reserves the right, in its discretion, to reject a request if the Channel Partner does not adequately verify that it has met the following requirements:

b) Channel Partner has had an initial discussion and, or meeting with the end-customer and their key stakeholders;

c) Channel Partner has determined CTOUCH’s ability to meet requirements;

d) Channel Partner has established the end-customer has a qualified preliminary budget;

e) Channel Partner has provided a preliminary CTOUCH product solution that meets customer requirements;

f) Channel Partner has identified that the opportunity has a likelihood to close within 90 days of approval;

g) Channel Partner must demonstrate it is best positioned to fulfill on the Opportunity and meet customer requirements.

h) CTOUCH contacting the end user for feedback in the form of a Pre and Post Demonstration Survey

i). Obtain permission from the end-customer on behalf of CTOUCH to contact them regarding its use of CTOUCH Products.

j). CTOUCH shall have no liability for any delay in approving any Demo request submitted for registration or for declining a Demonstration.

5. Confidentiality

Except for information required to be shared with customers to implement the CTOUCH Demonstration Program, the terms of this Program are confidential.

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