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How we remain sustainable with
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Our plan of attack

CO2 footprint on our AV radar

Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), we’ve researched the CO2 impact of manufacturing and using interactive flat panel displays. Just as it opens our sustainable eyes we also want to create awareness among our suppliers, resellers, other AV peers and CTOUCH users. Using less steel without compromising on product quality? No problem. Or minimising power consumption? Learn more with our Sustainability programs how to take action.

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The win-win of being sustainable

So, what’s the outcome of our CO2 impact research? What are the benefits? For example, slimmer and lighter products that will have a low CO2 impact. This will be a result from discussed guidelines with our suppliers. With our Circularity Passport we take ownership of the used recources and we can accelerate conversations with our stakeholders on using energy efficient materials and technology. Want to know everything about the CO2 footprint and material research of the CTOUCH Riva touchscreen? Download it now!

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What does our
material analysis say

Manufacturing with 70% CO2

60-70% of the CO2 impact is in the production phase over a 7 year service life.

95% energy saving

By recycling scarce materials, such as aluminium, we can save energy up to 95%.

4x less CO2 impact

Synthetic materials reduce 4x more CO2 than steel and they reduce 5x-6x more CO2 than aluminium.

30% less CO2 emission

With all our efforts we aim for 30% reduction in CO2 emission in 5 years time.

We’ve teamed up with WEEE NL

The WEEE regulation states we are responsible for the recycling of our products. WEEE NL, our service partner, has our back regarding staying compliant with this regulation. First we collect electronic waste and take it to smelters. They will extract valuable materials. Next up is re-using and refurbishing end-of-life products sent by our CTOUCH users. Ultimately each product will get a new home, a new modern meeting- or classroom.

AV News Awards & InAVation Awards 2020

While the sustainability train is riding, we haven’t gone unnoticed. We are very proud we've been nominated for the InAVation Business Awards 2020in the category ‘The Sustainability Award’. And we've won the AV News Editors Choice Awards with our modular, sustainable and futureproof BRIX solutions. Click on the logos for more info: