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Blog 26-04-2021

Students and the business community: the perfect match

How do you prepare students for the world of work if companies in the region are not involved in education? Colleges and universities are therefore increasingly looking to connect with their local business community. Through innovation labs and workshops, students work on business cases in the form of projects. These things enable them to become acquainted with the labour market, acquire up-to-date knowledge of relevant topics and discover which skills they need in the real world.

Today's education is outdated. Or not?

Colleges and universities have a lot of catching up to do, the focus in education is still on learning (often dull) theory. And that is no longer enough these days. Students need broad skills, such as problem-solving and cooperating within a team and or with a company. Reskilling and upskilling are becoming fixed components of their further careers. And they are becoming more critical, independent and self-reliant. Students are central. They want to be in control. It all ensures that students are well prepared for the constantly changing labour market!

The business community can put those students to good use

Students learn a lot from alliances of this kind, which are often a form of co-creation. However, the business community also benefits from this. In its Strategic Agenda, the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science writes that the region is an increasingly important factor for economic growth and innovation in the Netherlands. Through hands-on and innovative research, higher education establishments can respond to and assist with challenges relevant to the region. This is, therefore, a valuable addition to the Dutch business community.

The tutor? Their role will change too

Intensive collaboration with ‘the real world’? The business community often has knowledge that is more up-to-date than that of tutors. It again means that a tutor is becoming more of a coach. It is also evident that real-life assignments require a multidisciplinary approach. Students from different programmes often work together on a case. This approach also requires tutors who can provide the best guidance.

Lifelong learning

Yes, lifelong learning is becoming the benchmark. The expiry date is disappearing. Students no longer stop learning after obtaining their diploma. The knowledge gained in education is often no longer relevant in business. But also because of technological developments and digitisation. After all, the world changes every day! And that means that everyone will have to learn for the rest of their lives to keep up. Fortunately, the perfect match between education and business makes this possible.

The future of higher education

We see a lot of changes. From the need for broad skills, working together with businesses, to lifelong learning. And everything in between. Fortunately, teachers are not alone. In the whitepaper below, we tell you all about the future of higher education.

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