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Blog 14-02-2022

Preventing cyber attacks? This is how you do it!

In the last two years, more and more educational institutions have (forcibly) switched to online education. As a result, education has become increasingly dependent on digital technologies. And this dependence brings the necessary vulnerabilities and (cyber)threats. Schools are increasingly being targeted by cyber attacks. And that can have major consequences!

What are the weaknesses for schools?

Pupils and teachers progressively bring their own laptop, tablet or phone to school. These devices are then connected to the school network. But these devices generally aren't managed and protected as well as they should be. And that, of course, gives cybercriminals easy access to very sensitive data.

Many employees are also hardly worried about cybersecurity. Over half don’t expect their school to be the target of an attack! While hackers like to teach schools a lesson. Moreover, 55% of the employees think that the IT department can ward off such problems. Do you take cyber security seriously enough?

Checklist to prevent cyber attacks

You can never entirely eliminate the risk that cybercrime will affect your school. What you can do, however, is trying to reduce that risk wherever possible. The following 8 tips will help keep your school safe.

How many can you tick off this checklist?

Checklist to prevent cyber attacks
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