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Blog 02-02-2022

Most common cyber threats facing schools

Educational institutions possess more essential information than they might think. And various digital technologies play a major role in education. Schools are increasingly becoming the target of cyberattacks. Is everything as safe as it seems? Hackers are everywhere and want to teach schools a lesson.

Education has made some serious progress with online and digital education. But according to a survey by IBM Security, over 60% of teachers and administrators who use online- or digital education have received little to no instruction when it comes to cybersecurity!

A study by Kantar also shows that educational institutions are more and more affected by cybercrime. At the same time, educational administrators seriously underestimate the danger of this.

Education has never been so vulnerable. So, it’s high time to intervene! But where to begin? Because it may be easy to reuse the same password for different systems again and again. Don't do it! And make sure your students and staff pay attention to phishing! Via links in e-mails, in text messages, but also via attachments in e-mails. Before you know it, cybercriminals have access to confidential information. And if important data and systems are unavailable due to a cyberattack, this has major consequences for students and staff.

We have listed the most common cyber threats in education. Now, you can say bye, bye to hackers!

Most Common Cyber Threats

Download the infographic here!

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