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Blog 11-11-2020

How to keep your students engaged during online courses

The world is changing at a tremendous pace. Sometimes it's just impossible to keep up. We're moving from traditional classrooms and lecture halls to virtual classrooms and online lectures. As a teacher, you suddenly don't see your students anymore. Or a lot less than usual. The question is whether you mind because it's nice and quiet. Oops, you shouldn't think that as a teacher...

It takes some getting used to. It was already hard to keep your students engaged during class. Now it is a real challenge. If you used to ask a question, they'd hide behind their laptops. But now? "Sorry, my camera doesn't work" or "Bad internet, I can't hear you". Okay, tricky. So how can you keep your students engaged in a virtual classroom? Or at online lectures? We have listed four tips for you. And no, you don't have to do anything crazy (sometimes a silly joke is allowed).

Four tips how to keep your students engaged

1. We can't hear you!

Oh no, your students can't hear you (again). How is that possible? Some teachers know exactly how everything works. Some don't. Don't worry, it happens to the best (they say). Check, before the lesson starts, if everything works. Does the camera work? Is the internet connection good? Is the microphone connected? Yes? Great, you're good to go!

2. Cameras ready? Action!

Yeah, this could be a bit of a thing. Some students don't like it when the camera is on. We understand that. Try to convince them to turn that camera on anyway! Why? This will make online lessons a lot more personal. Believe it or not, your students miss you too. You will also notice if one of your students is distracted. Or goes away for a while.

3. Sorry, what was the question?

Currently, most students take their classes and courses from home. They have a lot of distractions around them. Parents who work from home, brothers or sisters who also attend school, and the dog who always wants to cuddle. Often, they also check their phones in between. It's difficult to keep them engaged, especially on a screen. So give yourself and your students short breaks. Find some distractions. Then it will happen less during class. Hopefully.

4. Is everyone participating?

The ways are endless! Give your students a poll or quiz in between. Very interactive, you can immediately see who has understood and who hasn't. Or create a mind map together. It will amaze you how many ideas come out of it!

Virtual classroom: a room with view

Involving everyone in online lessons and keeping the attention there where it belongs. It's a challenge. It's becoming more and more important. Both in education and in business. The tips above will help you a lot. At least we hope so. But a virtual classroom? Have you ever thought about that? Interactivity and involvement guaranteed! Add to that the magic of interactive touchscreens and you can get started!

In collaboration with our partners, including Barco, we enable educational institutions to organise real-time, interactive classes with students in our virtual training room. It almost feels like your students are actually in the room with you! Want to know more about virtual classrooms? Or are you interested in organising your own real-time lecture at CTOUCH? We are happy to show you what we have to offer!

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