Touchscreen success factor for effective collaboration

The touchscreens from CTOUCH ensure that you and your colleagues can work together effectively. You can easily share your laptop or tablet on an interactive screen, even if you work remotely. Image and sound are perfect, so ideal for productive conference calls and presentations.

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More fun and productivity

An interactive touchscreen adds great value to your organization. Because the technology works without problems, meetings become more efficient and you can quickly share information. The result: you become more productive, more motivated and your job satisfaction increases.

Show relaxed

Did you know that 89% of people who have to give a presentation are worried about failing technology? Sin! Our touchscreens make presenting easy. In a few seconds you share your presentation wirelessly on the screen. You only need power.

Effective collaboration: practical tips for creating top teams

In this e-book you will learn:

  • What effective collaboration is and how you do it
  • The different roles in a team and how to take this into account
  • Methods that stimulate effective collaboration
  • Technology makes collaboration easy

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Meet quickly and efficiently

Ready with long meetings and endless minutes? With the screens of CTOUCH, meetings are efficient. The participants share files with each other on the touchscreen and can take notes at the same time. You mail customized documents and immediately plan the next meeting. Effective and inspiring!

Touchscreens with excellent
image and sound

Our touchscreens have superior image and sound quality, allowing you to effortlessly conduct efficient conference calls. The screens are interactive: it is not a television screen, but a digital board on which you can annotate. Our touchscreens are compatible with all laptops, tablets, smartphones and operating systems.

Video conferencing:
touchscreen reduces distance

Conference calls are ideal for meeting at a distance with a team. With the touchscreens from CTOUCH it looks like the participants are in the same room. The screens work very well with Skype for Business and image and sound are perfect.

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The latest generation of touchscreens

Leddura 2Meet

Crisp video conferences with the 2Meet

Do you regularly hold video conferences with your team at a distance? Then the 2Meet is ideal. The 2Meet works seamlessly with Skype for Business, allowing you to effectively meet.

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Leddura 2Share

Wireless sharing
with the 2Share

The 2Share is perfect for sharing documents on a large touchscreen. This can be done wirelessly via any laptop, smartphone or tablet within a few seconds.

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