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Meet like a maverick

Do you also spend up to 10 hours a week on meetings that could've been emails? It takes a certain amount of madness to stay productive in today's meetings jungle. Look beyond the now and try our touchscreens. Hesitant? We get it. But seeing is really believing. Imagine sharing your laptop, phone or tablet within seconds. No cables, no connectors. Top notch sound and rock solid presentations. We're in! Dare to get along for the ride?

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Shake things up in the meeting room

Experience the thrill of an energetic meeting with an interactive touchscreen. Walk up to the board and let your team's ideas flow. Our touchscreens are there to make you shine. To help you reach breakthroughs faster. And to get your team's productivity sky-high.

Stress free presentations

Do you know that 89% of everyone who gives a presentation is worried about failing technology? What a shame! Our touchscreens are here to show how it's done. Share your presentations within seconds. Wirelessly. Just don't forget the power cable :).

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The death of the doodle

Craving for an agile meeting culture in your business? No more doodles on your notepad while your colleague is presenting :). Adopt a state-of-the-art touchscreen and get your team more engaged. Share your screen wirelessly and take notes at the same time. Or simply plan your next meeting directly from the touchscreen. Experience a whole new level of effective and inspiring!

How does the future of work look like?

We believe that the new way of working brings big changes. Read more about the trends, tips & how-to's for the modern workplace.

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Bending the boundaries of distance

We're always in for a good challenge. So we thought why not bend the boundaries of distance? A video conference experience so cool you'll feel as if your overseas colleagues are right there with you. Easier said than done? We dare you to see for yourself! Use your Skype for Business account in a brand new way. Our touchscreens may just put a :) on your face!

Mark Keen, DAF Trucks UK Technical Manager

"Our technicians are better trained and our dealers are leaving with the knowledge they need to support our customers."

Wireless sharing like a pro

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