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News 06-09-2022

CTOUCH Shortlisted for the AV Awards 2022

AV Magazine’s honoured us as finalist in the AV Awards 2022! We’re nominated in two categories: Manufacturer of the Year and Communication Technology of the Year for CTOUCH Heartbeat.

Why we’re worthy of winning: Manufacturer of the Year

We don’t just manufacture touchscreens; we also manufacture customers’ smiles. Our business strategy is easy: we want our customers to be happy. The fundamental element that helps us make our customers happy users of our products, is the CTOUCH Circle.

The CTOUCH Circle consists of four themes: Customer Engagement, Future Proof, Safe & Secure and Sustainability. These themes are the starting point for everything we do to add value for our customers. The aim of the CTOUCH Circle is not only to continue to excel in the future, but also to innovate on these themes within the world of touchscreens and AV services.

And innovated and excelled we did in 2022! Our continued dedication to these themes culminated in the introduction of CTOUCH Heartbeat, for which we have been nominated in the category Communication Technology of the Year.

Why we’re worthy of winning: Communication Technology of the Year

In early 2022 we launched our CTOUCH Heartbeat As A Service programme guaranteeing a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage.

CTOUCH Heartbeat is the industry's first all-encompassing As A Service programme that enhances the touchscreen user experience from beginning to end, while improving the touchscreen’s lifetime considerably. There are two subscriptions available: Heartbeat Fit and Heartbeat Safe.

With the free Heartbeat Fit, the IT department can manage all their touchscreens remotely. The Android environment and the apps get updated regularly, so users always have an actively supported, secure version.

Heartbeat Safe is the premier choice for education institutions and businesses looking for a lifetime of supported and safe touchscreen usage. Included in Safe is a wide array of features covering functionality, security, IT management, training and sustainability.

More on CTOUCH Heartbeat

We sincerely hope our efforts will be recognized in the AV Magazine 2022 award ceremony, held November 4 in London!

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