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Blog 28-12-2021

Story Time: Bernard, Francois and Remmelt about 2021

We thought that 2020 was an extraordinary and troubling year. But now we can say that 2021 was also quite unusual, peculiar and remarkable. One good thing can be said about 2021: it was NOT as crazy as 2020, which could be nominated for the worst year ever.

We are in the second year of the global pandemic. Unfortunately... The Capitol in America was stormed. Yes, you too sat in front of the television that night! Floods swept across Europe... But, Formula 1 was finally held in Zandvoort again after 36 years. And our Max Verstappen became the first Dutch Formula 1 world champion, at the very last moment. Yes, a lot has happened indeed. At CTOUCH as well. So, how does the management look back on 2021?

What did we think of last year?

Bernard thought that 2021 was a strange year. But both he and Francois thought it was a good year for CTOUCH as well. We won several awards. And we finally got around to doing things we did not have time for. Remmelt said he enjoyed 2021: “We have done a lot of work, and we have grown tremendously as a team!”

What were the highlights of this year?

According to Remmelt, we, and all the new people who started at CTOUCH, were one of the highlights of 2021. Thank you, Remmelt. We love you too! 😍 Bernard agreed but said that the Strijp-T Tournament was also something to remember. Yes, Bernard, we can imagine. Because that trophy is shining in the office of CTOUCH! And Francois? He was happy that he could finally visit a client abroad again. How nice is that!

What have we learned?

“Do NOT do everything at once and do NOT do it too fast either (except for Max Verstappen)”, said Remmelt. Oops, Remmelt is right about that. Wanting to do 100 things at once is what we are good at.

But according to Bernard and Francois, we have also learned that we really cared for each other. And that, despite all the measures due to corona, we were also flexible. We have learned to move with the times.

What are we really very proud of?

When it came to what we are proud of, all three were on the same page. We are growing, not only in the Netherlands but also in other countries. We are not only expanding our product portfolio but also our service portfolio. We have managed to maintain our stock levels. Oh yes, of course, there was a cargo ship in the way this year. And let us not forget the fact that we won international awards for safety and sustainability.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Bernard continues to look forward, as he did last year, to the championship of PSV. Whether that will happen? No idea. Remmelt mainly looks forward to working together in 2022. With a lot of fun, solidarity and pride. And Francois cannot wait to take the next step together with our clients.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Remmelt is clear: “I do not want to lose anyone”. Francois is looking forward to a life without corona. But he says: “I see that people adapt well and that we will find our way. And I am sure that this too will bring us something positive. In a few years, we will look back and say: do you remember, that was the beginning of the beautiful thing we have now”.

And Bernard? “Don't wait for the perfect day. Take the day and make it perfect!” 😁

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