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Blog 23-11-2021

Most common cyber threats for businesses

“Cybercrime is a global threat. Over the next 10 years, cyberattacks will become the second-largest risk to businesses.”

- World Economic Forum, Partnership against Cybercrime Report 2020

The digital world gives us the convenience of working from virtually anywhere. From the office, the couch, or even the beach. And of course, we are absolutely thrilled about that. Working at the beach, with your feet in the sand, who wouldn't want that? But how can you guarantee that your staff can work securely from all these locations? Because cybercrime is becoming more and more common. It is your, as the employer, responsibility to facilitate a secure online environment. So, make sure you are fully aware of the risks you run as a company. It may be easy to reuse the same password for different systems, but don't do it! And beware of phishing! Via links in e-mails, in text messages, but also via attachments in e-mails. Before you know it, cybercriminals have access to confidential information. Make digital security a priority and prevent your business from becoming an interesting target for cyber criminals.

Do you know what dangers are lurking out there? We provided you with a comprehensive list of the most common cyber threats. Handy, right? Print it, cut it and frame it for the office. And don't forget to share this infographic!

Most common cyber threats for businesses

Download the infographic here!

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