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News 27-10-2021

From his own experience, this Product Owner Software & Services happily believes in touch

Our Product & Innovation team is on full steam ahead. They won't settle for anything less than exceptional products. You've probably seen them before, the CTOUCH Canvas, Riva and BRIX solutions. Now more than ever, these touchscreens and solutions play a major role in classrooms and the office. The fact that digitisation is growing by the day contributes greatly to this.

Interactive collaboration with the latest technologies is therefore increasingly becoming the norm. And then you want to be surprised, right? Leave that up to the heart and brains of CTOUCH; our Product & Innovation team. And to get the maximum and even more out of these technologies, someone has been added to this team to help build software and services. Our new Product Owner Software & Services, Henri Verploegen, applauds touch very much and that is not without reason. Touch also plays a big role at his home.

Henri gladly believes in touch; both at CTOUCH and at home

Fond of electronic gadgets. A solid background in ICT. And a great deal of experience at the interface of technology and commerce. You can imagine that we could only welcome Henri with open arms! Team P&I is consists of of creative people who come up with the smartest solutions every day. They were therefore very keen to make room for someone who also has a knack for thinking up and building the smartest software and services. If so, then Henri, a family man and gadget fanatic from Son en Breugel, is the right person to talk to!

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

Since the iPhone, touch has become part of our daily lives. My eldest son can't talk and depends on a touchscreen for his communication. It's incredible what technology can do to enrich someone's everyday life. For me, that is the power of touch: everyone can participate!
I had already heard incredibly positive stories about CTOUCH, about the atmosphere and their ambition. When I walked down the corridor for the first time, the energy was tangible, and I thought: I want to be there!

What will your average days be like?

CTOUCH is growing and that means having a broad orientation and being flexible. Sometimes I'm working with our software developers on new features or building a service. Another day I'm joining Sales at a dealer. What I will mainly be working on is the development of services around the touchscreen. My average day will therefore not be average!

How do you see CTOUCH products in - say - 10 years?

The power of touch is simplicity and we will ensure that all applications remain simple. In addition, an important focus lies on being able to use the screens for longer, extending their lifespan and reducing their ecological impact.
The focus is more and more on delivering lasting added value. What I really like is that CTOUCH has a very clear vision of the future and how they want to make an impact.

What are you looking forward to the most and maybe even the least? *We like honesty😉

I'm very eager to help steer a future proof course: increasing customer value while reducing environmental impact. This is quite exciting too, because it sometimes requires everyone to make choices that are not immediately in their comfort zone. I very much believe in the vision that we propagate with the CTOUCH circle, which is about exactly these themes.

What else should we know about you apart from you being fond of electronic gadgets?

When you say barbecue, I say trying out and refining my own recipes. I'm quite an epicurean and, as a result, I started exercising out of necessity. That's why, a few years ago, I was spotted for the first time in the participants' field of the half marathon of Eindhoven. Turned out to be quite fun actually. Nothing nicer than running for an hour at the end of a day's work. Almost nothing, because coming home after a day's work to my wife and 2 sons is also very nice

Would you like to know more about Henri or how our software and services enhance the user experience for your (future) touch screen?

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