Events 23-05-2018

CTOUCH at Intel partner connect 2018

CTOUCH introduces the NEW OPS Pro at the Intel Partner Connect 2018 event in Prague.

After the successful introduction of the OPS i5 and i7 pc modules, in the beginning of this year, we started developing the Pro versions. Besides the advantages of the current OPS PC modules like the super easy installation (no external cables), low power consumption, the newest (7th) generation (Kaby Lake) processors, powerful performance, the Pro versions have standard more memory and storage.

The main difference from the standard version is that the Pro version has Intel processors with vPro technology under the hood. This technology makes it possible to save on your IT costs through built-AMT (Active Management Technology). With AMT you can fully manage your PC remotely. In addition, you can easily share wireless screen content with vPro’s “Unite”.

Purchasing the Pro version offers great possibilities in combination with the CTOUCH touchscreen. Your meeting room or classroom instantly turns into a productive, fun and safe collaboration space.

Intel has asked CTOUCH to demonstrate the new CTOUCH OPS Pro PC module in combination with the new Laser Sky during the leading Intel Partner Connect event in Prague (15-17 May 2018).
Intel’s shift from a PC-centric company to a data-centric one is well under way — and the company is rolling out sweeping changes to benefit its channel partners during the transition. That’s the message coming out of Intel Partner Connect 2018, the conference formerly known as the Intel Solutions Summit.

The demonstrations were very well received by more than 3,000 existing Intel partners and dealers. The OPS Pro will be available from July 2018. Would you like more information about this product already, than please contact our inside sales office: or call: +31 40 27 261 83 20.

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