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News 15-02-2022

CTOUCH and Smart WorkPlace are on their way to the workplace of the future

“We believe we have something unique to add to the modern workplace.”

Says expert Steven Zegelaar, the new partner of Smart WorkPlace on behalf of CTOUCH.

Smart WorkPlace, what?

Smart WorkPlace, a knowledge platform, works towards a sustainable and healthy working environment. And that, of course, is right up our alley. Together we bring knowledge about innovations, insights and research. And this knowledge, of course, contributes to the realisation of that sustainable, healthy and modern workplace!

What opportunities/developments does CTOUCH see for the future workplace?

"In the future, the modern workplace can be anywhere. It doesn't necessarily have to be at home or at the office. But it will become very dynamic in terms of location. The most important conditions are that the working environment of the future is sustainable, safe and inspiring. People should feel at home and technology should seamlessly connect to different ways of working. Including the tools people want to use. At CTOUCH we see plenty of opportunities to make meetings at companies truly interactive and interesting with the benefits of ‘touch’. And we can also contribute to the sustainability goals of our partners.”

What kind of role can CTOUCH play here?

"We want to be everywhere where knowledge is shared. Our role in this is to make it possible to share that knowledge with others in an easy, fun and interactive way by using touchscreens. Being actively engage with our users, gives us the opportunity to make the touchscreens smarter and smarter. And link them to other tools that are often used for teamwork. You need to experience the benefits of a touchscreen yourself; only then can you really see the dynamics that arise in a meeting or brainstorming session. We see ourselves a bit as the ambassadors of the ‘new way of working’."

Why is it important for CTOUCH to work together with a platform like Smart WorkPlace?

“We believe we have something unique to add to the modern workplace. Something that goes very well with the cool solutions from other partners who are affiliated with Smart WorkPlace. The goal for us is to see if we can set up partnerships through Smart WorkPlace, where we can develop great solutions together for both existing and new customers.”

Source: Smart WorkPlace - CTOUCH new partner Smart WorkPlace

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