Spread your wings!

Everything under one roof in Eindhoven village.

Since mid-April, Van der Valk Eindhoven has taken up his flexroom. With the new 040 Seat & Offices concept, they are up to date for the flexible entrepreneur of now.

The scent of graffiti still fills up with the space of 040 Seats & Offices of the Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven. Not with a usual lick of white paint, the natural green environment gets a creative expression of “Studio Giftig” on the walls. In the five offices that offer the flex spot – next to the open space – five famous locals are captured on the walls. Pieter van den Hoogenband, Dick Middelweerd, Maarten Steinbuch, Sander van Doorn en Piet-Hein Eek adorn the walls. Together they represent the sectors sports, culinary, technology, entertainment and design.

It should be clear: this is not a classic office space where you work quietly between people in tight suits. This is “Moes de Pom”, a mini market with a wink to the famous apple sauce, where 24/7 drinks, sandwiches but also toothpaste, paracetamol and shaving cream are for sale. Where the business nomad, as Van der Valk Eindhoven defines its target group, plunges on banks with a beautiful view of the pond or, for more privacy, uses the offices where you can give a presentation or have a job interview without being distracted.

The smell of graffiti has not completely disappeared, yet 040 Seats & Offices have been busy every day. ‘040 Seats & Offices offers a solution arising from customer demand’, says marketing and sales manager Rik Sanders. “We have three different restaurants and there often came the question:” Do you have a quiet space where I can work?” The answer was: yes that is possible, however it is quite big and only for rent per half day. Now there is the opportunity to work free of charge in the open space up to six people or to rent a meeting room per hour. His colleague Yvonne van der Ven adds: “The costs are 25 euros per hour, But for example, we also rent the meeting rooms for a whole month. Here too we are flexible and we offer attractive rates.”

A little later she slides open the door of such space and turns on the state-of-the-art CTOUCH screen. The room is fully equipped to give your presentation; with the easy plug-and-play-system you only have to connect your laptop, and you are sure of an interactive presentation. 040 Seats & Offices is accessible at the side of the hotel; The side of the highway. Guests can simply walk in. Moreover the first three hours parking is free of charge. ‘Besides the business nomad, it is also perfect for hotel guests who have a late check-in and still want to eat something or enjoy a fresh coffee, “ said Rik. It is not a coincidence that someone named Van der Valk Eindhoven a village with everything under one roof: sleeping, eating, working, fitness, swimming pool and casino.

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