Blog 02-07-2020

The ultimate video conferencing cheat sheet

Currently, video conferencing is booming. It’s a great way to stay in contact with our colleagues and customers. No matter where they are. But not all calls are running that smoothly, right? We all know the situation where we're yelling at our computer for the first ten minutes and no one can hear you… Or the moments when suddenly someone's whole family is posing in front of the camera. There are plenty of examples to mention that show that video calling can sometimes be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve listed the biggest do's and don’ts in the ultimate Teams Cheat Sheet in order to make your video calls run as smooth as possible. Print it, cut it, frame it for yourself. Or pass it on to your colleagues in case they can use some tips as well. And don’t worry, cheating is allowed. 😉

Download Teams Cheat Sheet now!

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