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Physical and online
education, the perfect mix

On a journey of discovery through
blended learning and
hybrid learning environments.

Online education, blended learning and a bit of physical education

The education sector was taken by surprise by its forced transition to digital education. A.k.a. online education. A.k.a. distance education. Traditional classrooms have made way for virtual classrooms, blended learning and hybrid learning environments. We lead you through the world of digital and online education. Read all about it in this free guide.

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In this guide you'll read all about:

1. What is the situation in education now?
2. Benefits of digitalisation in education
3. Digital literacy
4. Blended learning, hybrid learning... What is the difference?
5. The digital adventure: we are on our way

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digital and online education!

1. The benefits of digital education

Digitalisation in education is a fact, we can no longer ignore it. And we all know that the new generations learn and work like no generation has ever done before. But are you still doubting to go digital? Here a 6 advantages of digital education!

2. VR and AR in education

Internationalisation, personalisation and digitalisation are serious trends that are transforming every aspect of our society. Education is no exception. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are growing like crazy right now. These technologies already changed the corporate world a bit. And now, VR and AR are popping up in education.

3. Hybrid learning with a touchscreen

Because of digitalisation in education, we hear terms like blended learning, hybrid learning, flipped classrooms and virtual classrooms more and more often. However, digital education remains a challenge. But hybrid education offers advantages! And a touchscreen is a vital part of this. We'd love to tell you more about hybrid learning with a touchscreen!