The future's
way of working:
flexible jobs only?

Why do we move towards flexible working?

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How do we benefit from flexibility in the workplace?

75% of the working millennials would like to work from home. 43% is allowed to work from home or on site. No longer we're shocked to hear that younger generations like millennials and generation Z have different expectations and priorities than older generations. We're shifting away from working in individual cubicles, individual performance, rigid systems and standard working hours. Hello flexibility!

How can we breathe flexible working? Both employers and employees. Why do we even move in this direction? And how do flexible jobs affect our daily lives?

In this whitepaper we will tell you more about how to grow in offering flexible and alternative ways of working and how to stay productive when working from flexible locations.

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Millennials and future generations like having the option of working from home or on site at the client’s place of business. It makes sense, then, that the option of flexible working is included as a selling point in many vacancies. But what do we really mean when we talk about flexible working. Why are we moving in this direction? Find out more about it in this whitepaper.

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What are the trends in collaboration, meetings and flexible working?

We believe that the new way of working brings big changes. Not only in 2025, but already today.

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