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Blog 30-09-2020

The new normal brings new business challenges

The whole world is dealing with the ‘new normal’. This definition is up in the air, but what does it really mean? Well, in a business sense, the new normal is how we usher in a new way of working, taking lessons from the past months and deciding what to keep and what to throw out. Businesses are slowly getting back to their work. However, they won’t find it as how they left it. The business has changed. The new normal definitely brings new challenges and needs. Not only where we work, but also how we work and what tools we need to be able to do our jobs properly.

5 challenges that many companies are currently facing

1. Video conferencing: hello? You there?

From one day to the next, we weren’t allowed to go to the office anymore. No physical contact at all. Collaboration? How are we going to do that? How are we going to make virtual meetings a success? Businesses became reliant on digital networks and digital collaboration tools. It has always been hard to keep up with developments and innovations, but nowadays, it’s impossible to keep track. Video conferencing is currently making giant leaps. More and more people are working from home. They feel the need to stay connected. To communicate with each other and to see each other. Or just to drink a (virtual) cup of coffee together now and then.

2. Flexibility: where did I leave my agenda?

We're going from the new normal to the ideal normal, and that also requires a lot of flexibility. We go to the office less. Physical meetings and large office spaces, do we still need them? Companies need flexible solutions. Meeting rooms that can be adapted and scaled up at any time. Working at the office this week? We got it! Working from home again next week? No problem! Just don't forget to bring your stuff along with you.

3. Security: bleep, bleep, who's hacking me?

Do you remember, back in the days, when we still managed everything centrally? These days a lot of things are being arranged remotely, which requires the best security. Nobody wants vital and reliable information (or your amazing holiday snaps) to leak out to the outside world, right? How do you protect your data when employees are working from home? Especially now that cybercrime has increased distinctly. How do you hold a secure meeting?

4. Productivity: where's the finishing touch?

How does one stay productive and engaged? It's a real challenge. We all know the most brilliant ideas are created during a walk in the park. Under the shower or on the toilet. Brainstorming with a team is actually one of the most effective ways to come to new initiatives or innovative solutions. But companies are struggling with the new normal. Working with distributed teams doesn't make that easier. We see that companies are really looking for solutions to keep their teams connected and to safeguard productivity, creativity and engagement.

5. Collaboration tools: what to choose?

Remote collaboration is and remains a challenge. Many like it, but we must prevent it from turning into a nightmare. Teams need tools to collaborate, stay productive and engaged. If one team uses Trello, another one Jira and another one Microsoft Teams, how does one bring all this team collaboration back to a common goal or project? It's not surprising that companies currently have a great need for modern cloud collaboration tools.

The new CTOUCH Canvas

What if we tell you we may have a solution?

The 'new normal', it's here and it's not going anywhere. We know that. More than ever it prompts us to think and act along with you. We'd like you to meet the new CTOUCH Canvas. A touchscreen that we developed to meet (y)our challenges and business needs.

With the CTOUCH Canvas you take team collaboration to the next level. It's the perfect workplace tool to help distributed teams to stay connected. The unique design invites you to instantly touch the screen. It stimulates interaction and ensures energized and effective meetings. The Canvas also meets the highest security standards.

This modular touchscreen can be upgraded over time with our collaboration solutions, CTOUCH BRIX. Ready to bring Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms into your meeting space? Simply fit the CTOUCH Canvas with a BRIX module and you’re set to go. With the CTOUCH Canvas you take team collaboration to the next level. One touch and you’re sold (promise)!

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