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Why the Riva touchscreens can't be missed at the Zarduna Schule

Zarduna Schule, located in Kirchzarten in the south-west of Germany, is a school that is literally close to nature and was ready for a digital transformation. COVID-19 had its finger in the pie here, but Digitalpakt and and the CTOUCH experience at a school in Hamburg were also decisive for teaching with the CTOUCH Riva touchscreens.

About the Zarduna school

The Zarduna Schule is a special education and support centre (SBBZ) located in the rural surroundings of Kirchzarten. Pupils are provided with a varied, individual and tailor-made educational offer. The aim is for every child to develop into a self-confident person. Both privately and in the future workplace and society at large. In addition to the special teaching programmes that offer specific support, the teachers and pupils also have more fun in their lessons. This is thanks to the digital transformation that the Zarduna Schule has undergone.

Blended learning and hybrid teaching became reality

Like for many schools, COVID-19 has had a great impact. "The Zarduna Schule, too, was triggered to teach its pupils differently," says headmistress Sophie Nizielski. Blended learning soon became a reality. Both remotely and in the school itself. Only chalkboards were no longer sufficient. The Digitalpakt gave the school an extra push to make the step to digitalisation. But where to start? First of all, the wish was fulfilled to build a network so that everyone would have internet access within the school. From there, the step to using iPads was taken. In the lessons, it was discovered that creativity was sparked more in the students and ideas came to life in an intuitive way. After such enthusiasm, the school was curious as to how they could increase the enjoyment of the lessons and interactivity even more.

“With the digitalisation, people first had to get used to the switch to touchscreens.
Then came COVID-19 and people experienced the benefits,
such as being able to prepare and share lessons at home”

Touchscreens are an essential part of every class

The school started looking for tools to make it even easier for teachers to prepare and share their lessons on a large screen. The Zarduna Schule was tipped off by a school in Hamburg. They were already CTOUCH enthusiasts and told about their experiences. The Zarduna Schule was very interested. Partly thanks to the Wilhelm Oberle Foundation, the school was supported in taking the "CTOUCH road".

With the help of our partner Inhotec, 86" Riva screens were given a prominent place in the classrooms, alongside the chalkboards. Both parents and teachers had to get used to the fact that the school was switching to touchscreens. But, today the interactive displays are an integral part of every lesson and everyone has become a fan. Teachers have even become such enthusiasts that they ask to be able to teach with a CTOUCH as much as possible. The whiteboard function, apps and videos are used every day without having to depend on external devices. And the children? Principal Nizielski responds: "They were overjoyed when they got a CTOUCH touchscreen in front of them and got used to it very quickly. They grow up with it!”

Teachers find it very easy to use and
it has become part of every lesson.”

How the CTOUCH Riva makes lessons more flexible and fun

The functionalities of the CTOUCH Riva 86" touchscreens are used extensively in all classes. The 'share feature', among others, is a favourite. One of the teachers, Christina Matthis, further explains: "We use the whiteboard a lot. You can quickly look something up on the internet while using the whiteboard function. For example, if a student has a specific question or if you want to add a picture to illustrate, and then you can continue writing. Work results of students can be viewed quickly and easily. In this way, the students receive quick feedback and appreciation. Teaching has become much more flexible. You can focus more on your own spontaneous ideas and those of the children, because you don't have to start up a computer or set up a projector.”

" I didn't expect it, but CTOUCH makes working
so much easier and gives a lot of pleasure."

The teachers at the Zarduna Schule also regularly watch videos and the iPads are easily shared with the CTOUCH Riva. The app is used to explain worksheets to pupils, to show instructional videos prepared in advance and written work instructions are shown on it. Various learning apps are also featured which students can work with. Here, the touch functionality is used enthusiastically. Whether or not a laptop is connected to the screen. All kinds of things are demonstrated on the touch screen, such as tracing letters, and the pupils can practise laterally on the iPads via the app.

Apart from the teachers, the children are also very happy with the touchscreens. The lessons are not only more interactive, but also more fun. And when it's necessary, the older pupils don't hesitate to give the teachers a hand with the screens. Secretly some techies in the making 😉 .

Can't wait to teach with a CTOUCH Riva in your classroom?

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