Demonstration program - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Demonstration service cost?

• The Demonstration Program is a free of charge service to CTOUCH Channel partners.

Do I need to attend the Demonstration provided by CTOUCH?

• No. However, CTOUCH does encourage channel partners to attend demonstrations.

When should I use Demonstration Program?

• The Demonstration Program should be used for strategic opportunities where the Partner seeks out a prospect and commits to thoroughly engage with that customer to achieve widespread adoption and provide value added service.

How do I register for a Demonstration?

• The Demonstration request must be made via the CTOUCH demonstration page.

Is there a minimum opportunity quantity?

• No, there is no MOQ. However, we may suggest a remote demonstration if more appropriate for the opportunity.

What is the minimum booking notice?

• The minimum booking notice is 5 days.

Who will perform the Demonstrations?

• The Demonstrations will be performed by CTOUCH staff.

What type of Demonstrations do CTOUCH offer?

• CTOUCH offers both on-site (Face-to-face) and a virtual demonstration experience.

How do I know if the Demonstration has been accepted?

• You will receive an approval notification from CTOUCH within 24 hours, subject to a valid demonstration request.

How long is the standard Demonstration service?

• 5-day Demonstration Evaluation as standard, Please notify CTOUCH if a longer duration is required.

Are there any location restrictions?

• Yes, this service is only available in England & Wales.

Do CTOUCH conduct pre and post demonstrations surveys?

• Yes, CTOUCH send a short survey to the end user to help improve the demonstration experience. A copy of this feedback is available upon request.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about CTOUCH partner programs?

• Please contact your dedicated account manager, or email

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