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Blog 05-07-2021

Working together remotely

By now, we are all dealing with the new normal. Or the new way of working. Slowly but surely, we are all going back to the office. Working together with your colleagues. Drinking a cup of coffee together. We have missed it! However, we won't find our workplaces back the way we left them. The office has changed. Our workplaces have changed. Our way of working has changed.

Can we work from home, or are we tied to our workplace? It was the question we often asked ourselves last year. We all thought that working from home was something for the future. But suddenly, we were all (almost) working from home. And that went not without a struggle. Working from home is not suitable for everyone. Why? Well, first of all, it remains difficult to switch off. We also miss the personal contact with our colleagues. And it is not always convenient when our toddler wants to show us their drawing. Yes, we have struggled with several things while working from home.

But working from home has also shown us that a lot is possible. Working remotely has its advantages. A survey by Buffer and AngelList even showed that 98% of the employees would like to continue to work from home.

Working from home is here to stay

Although more and more people are returning to their workplaces, it appears that remote working is here to stay for many employees. The technological barriers that first stood in the way of remote working have been broken down. We are moving towards a situation in which working remotely is just as attractive, easy and safe as working at the office. The role of the traditional office is changing.

The new way of working is neither entirely at home nor fully at the office, but the right mix: in other words, hybrid working! The advantages and disadvantages of working from home fall into place. The office becomes a place where we can work together, make phone calls and hold meetings pleasantly and productively. One part of the team is physically present in the office. The rest of the team works from home. And thanks to online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, interactive collaboration is becoming increasingly simple.

What is next?

But to what extent will remote work continue? How do we keep teams together? How can we work well together remotely? Are the days behind a boring desk over? Do we need to redesign workplaces? Where should we start? And how do we keep each other engaged and motivated?

1. Provide good collaboration tools

Everyone should be able to work anywhere, at any time and at any location. Look for systems and tools that enable compelling cooperation and communication in both worlds - physical and virtual. You create, as it were, a virtual office for employees. This is where they can work together. But virtual team activities should not be forgotten either. How much fun is it to organise online games and quizzes? 🥳

2. Build your own office

We've described the virtual office above, but don't forget the office at home. The office and all workstations are, of course, fully equipped. But make sure your employees have all the essential necessities at home as well.

And it is also very tempting to stay in your pyjamas. And the couch is very comfortable too. But. Do. Not Do. It. It is absolutely horrible for your motivation.

3. Stimulate (online) learning

You don't put your employees back in school! But now is the perfect time for your employees to learn something they have always wanted to. For managers, it is an excellent time to make this possible.

Why? Many employees find it important that there is room for personal and professional development at work. Courses can also contribute to a good mood. But it can also have a stress-relieving effect. If you, as an organisation, stimulate the learning of your employees, it will keep them motivated and engaged.

4. Bring everyone together

At a distance, but still, close by. With a touchscreen. Because nowadays, a touchscreen really cannbot be missed. Why? A touchscreen brings people together. Whether we are all around the world. Or whether we all work from home. A touchscreen is an all-in-one solution with various functionalities. It allows everyone to work together optimally, even remotely.

Whiteboarding together, brainstorming, sharing screens and/or video calling. Meetings become much more interactive. And everyone stays engaged and motivated.

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