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News 03-02-2022

CTOUCH & JINC join forces for equal opportunities in the labour market

Since this year, we are a proud partner of non-profit organisation JINC! Through our partnership with JINC, we help children from neighbourhoods with socio-economic disadvantages to get a good start in the labour market.

About JINC

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in neighbourhoods with a lot of poverty and few role models. They are just as talented as their peers from richer neighbourhoods, but often get less opportunity to develop it. Through the JINC programme they get acquainted with various professions. They find out what kind of work suits their talents and they learn how to apply for a job. That is how every year JINC gives more than 65,000 children the opportunity to grow.

How does CTOUCH contribute?

We contribute financially to make the JINC projects possible. We invite young people to CTOUCH where they get to know the different departments and professions. They learn how it is to work at a company like CTOUCH. They discover what they like to do and what they are good at and we teach them how to apply for a job. The children are accompanied by some of our staff members who volunteer as trainers or coaches. Experience shows that the expertise of professionals inspires young people and keeps them interested. Contact with professionals gives them self-confidence and insight into their own qualities.

Fair chance

Daniël Roos, director of JINC: "Every child deserves a fair chance for the future. We try to give them that chance, but we would not be able to do that without our partners. That is why we are extremely happy to welcome CTOUCH as a partner."

CFO Bernard Gosselink of CTOUCH: "As a manufacturer of interactive touchscreens, we are closely involved in education. We see that the inequality of chances in education increases. That is why we believe it is essential to give young people an extra helping hand at their start in the labour market. We like to take the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a young person.

In addition, it is extraordinary to see the effect that carrying out volunteer work has on our own employees. People share something else, something more than just their own work and the conversations over lunch. Not that you have to do CSR for that reason, it’s about what you contribute. But it is great to see how enthusiastic and proud the employees are when they can do their bit".

Together we achieve more

CSR is an important pillar within CTOUCH's sustainability mission. Collaboration and partnerships are therefore key to achieving our goals. That is why we like to join forces with strong partners such as JINC, MVO Nederland, Fontys Hogeschool& SPARC (Sharing Platform for Applied Research Cooperation), Formula-Eindhoven and Workplace Vitality Hub. After all, only together we can work on a better and more sustainable world.

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