CTOUCH is part of SPARC
News 30-10-2019

With SPARC we let ICT sparkle

SPARC will be the bridge between business and education. CTOUCH is more than happy to be one of the linking pins of the Sharing Platform for Applied Research Cooperation (SPARC). We congratulate Fontys Hogeschool ICT with this cooperation and their recently opened InnovationLab! In this InnovationLab we’ll collaborate on innovation in ICT.

Students and employees of the Fontys Hogeschool ICT, who are part of research teams, collaborate with several businesses such as CTOUCH, Sligro Food Group, PSV and TU/e. Their InnovationLab is where the magic will happen. The main goal? ICT Innovation by collaboration. Of course we can relate☺

In the changing society we live in, innovation is undoubtedly necessary. And we need to keep up. Therefore, we’re looking forward to present IT innovation topics that pop up in business and education environments we work with every day. Co-creation, co-working and knowledge sharing will bring the results of these research topics to the table. One thing is for sure. ICT Innovation will go next level.

Want to learn more about co-creation, co-working and co-innovation? Stay tuned for our own soon to be launched whitepaper. We’ll help you prepare for this next wave of collaboration.

Already, we’ve got the four workplace trends for you in store. 2025 here we come!

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