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How to run an effective meeting?

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How to run your meetings?

The average employee attends 10 meetings per week. Quite a lot, right? Or maybe you attend even a lot more? And do you enjoy meetings that much? We guess you would be the first if that's the case☺

When your calendar is fully booked, at least you want to make sure you end your meetings with decisions, plans or great ideas. Going for the YAY!

So, how to run an effective meeting which is enjoyable at the same time? We’ll give you 7 tips to ensure a productive meeting! With these ingredients you're totally ready to get the "real work" done.

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It’s high time to have a critical look at the way in which we all conduct meetings. How are we spending all of this valuable time? And what ways are there to make meetings more efficient, more creative, and altogether more fun? In this whitepaper we provide you 7 tips to ensure a productive and enjoyable meeting.

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What are the trends in collaboration, meetings and flexible working?

We believe that the new way of working brings big changes. Not only in 2025, but already today.

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