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News 15-04-2022

A greener world to embrace with Trees for All and Heartbeat

What if you could make the world a greener and healthier place and at the same time continue to work carefree with an interactive touchscreen? This is possible thanks to the partnership with Trees for All and our newest service Heartbeat. A great win-win for our planet and the CTOUCH screens. Both get the sustainable future they deserve.

We recently introduced Heartbeat Fit and Heartbeat Safe. Heartbeat is a comprehensive suite of services, all designed to extend the life of your touchscreen and keep you happy with your CTOUCH screen.
Meanwhile, our beloved planet continues to heat up. That's why we've set out on a mission to ensure sustainability. We want to reduce our CO2 footprint by 60% and increase the circularity of our products by 25% by 2025.
In this case, we are addressing our green ambition to reduce our carbon footprint. How? Partly by planting trees in cooperation with Trees for All. The Heartbeat programme plays the leading role in this. For every CTOUCH screen that is activated with Heartbeat Fit or Safe, we plant 1 tree. These trees are planted in the planting season between November and March.

Where trees grow, people grow with them

A green and healthy world for everyone. That is what Trees for All stands for. In the end, we all want that, don't we? That is why we have joined forces with this organisation. Worldwide, they are committed to sustainable forestry projects. By (re)foresting in the Netherlands and abroad, we jointly contribute to new forests, nature-inclusive agriculture, natural ecosystems and the protection of diverse landscapes.
Ultimately, we plant trees not only for animals and nature conservation, but also for people. After all, it contributes to our clean air, relaxation, food and medicine. In addition, we create more employment and a better income for local people. A social impact for which we are happy to join forces with Trees for All.

"We are therefore extremely happy with this partnership," says Rik van Roskam, Relationship Manager for Partnerships at Trees for All. "Thanks to CTOUCH's contribution, we can plant more trees even faster. It contributes to biodiversity, CO2 management and a beautiful and healthy living and working environment for all of us."

How we put the brakes on CO2 emissions

So there is no doubt that we have a common goal to make our planet more sustainable. Of course, we have to start with ourselves first. So, how do we make our touchscreens more sustainable? In our sustainability mission, we focus on four phases of the touchscreen life cycle; the production phase, the use phase, the end-of-life phase and CSR. With the Trees for All initiative, we zoom in on the use phase in this case. It means that we plant 1 tree per activated touch screen in Heartbeat Fit and Safe. In this way, we are extending the life of the screens and we and our customers are contributing to a sustainable future for devices and a healthy world. We kill two birds with one stone.

Curious about how we put the brakes on even more CO2 emissions?

View the CO2 footprint of our touchscreens

Our CEO and Sustainability Ambassador, Remmelt van der Woude, proudly states: "As CTOUCH we also have a social objective and that is to contribute to reducing our CO2 footprint. We have that responsibility as a society, as a company and as individuals. In addition, the tree is also a symbol for a sustainable relationship that we want to enter into with our customers and realise through partnerships. This falls under phase 4 of the touchscreen life cycle (CSR) where we focus on 4 Sustainable Development Goals in which we can make the most impact":

In any case, our green thumbs are ready for it. Are you?

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