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Customer growth comes first!

Customer growth comes first!

Our sales tigers are not just salesmen. They increase the business of our resellers and end-users by thinking along with them in the best solutions. The team does everything in its power to create and, of course, develop as many high-quality partnerships with their customers as possible.

Whether you work at our office, daily visit customers all over the country or are giving a demo in Dubai; in Business Development and Sales there is always dynamism!

The sales teams at CTOUCH have a natural drive, enthusiasm and optimism. They complement each other perfectly and are proud of the products (we are proud). The five-person commercial office is managed by Kim. And then we have "our" Chris who has the best sales teams in the Benelux, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark under his wing. François, our CCO, enthuses the rest of the world for our screens. That seems (!) a piece of cake, after all, once you've worked with a CTOUCH screen you'll never want to do otherwise!

Our sales team simply knows what you need before you have even realised it yourself. 😊

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Proud to sell my clients smart and sustainable products of which they can benefit for a long time.

Sven Lang
Sven Lang Sales Manager South Germany & Austria


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