Android 10 Module 108
Firmware 13-09-2023

Upgrade your CTOUCH Laser Sky, Nova and Riva

As part of our commitment to future proofing our touchscreen product range, we’re introducing the CTOUCH Android Upgrade Module. The Android Upgrade Module upgrades older CTOUCH models to the latest Operating System available. The compatible models are:

  • CTOUCH Laser Sky (released in 2018 with Android 5 OS)
  • CTOUCH Laser Nova (released in 2018 with Android 7 OS)
  • CTOUCH Riva (released in 2020 with Android 8 OS)

CTOUCH Android Upgrade Module Benefits

This module may be small in size, but certainly not in feats! Installing the module enriches your Laser Sky, Nova or Riva with the following:

  • Up-to-date security, upgrading to the latest supported OS available (right now, that's Android 12). Future OS updates are included!
  • The same look-and-feel as the Riva R2, giving uniformity across all CTOUCH education displays
  • Updated app store with access to new and supported apps
  • A full license of the screensharing app EShare, allowing unlimited wireless device sharing
  • Split screen feature, allowing you to open two applications on the display simultaneously
  • Compatibility with remote management software CTOUCH Sphere, perform display maintenance and troubleshooting remotely
  • WiFi capabilities
  • Access to the latest Bluetooth standard
  • Expanded memory
  • Extra USB ports

Read more about the CTOUCH Android Upgrade Module

Premium service plan included

If you purchase the CTOUCH Android Upgrade Module, you will receive 24 months of Heartbeat Safe for free. Heartbeat Safe is our premier service plan for a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage. In the 24 months you will get acquainted with the benefits including:

  • CTOUCH Sphere Advanced. Our remote management system software allowing you to manage your displays simultaneously, gain insight through personalised dashboards, backup and restore configuration and let multiple users manage at different levels.
  • Training. Product training, CTOUCH Sphere software training, daily practice training and more!
  • Functionality, security and firmware updates
  • App functionality support
  • Display buy-back or trade-in options
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