News 28-05-2024

Return your old CTOUCH touchscreens free-of-charge

Contact us and we'll take back your used CTOUCH touchscreen, free-of-charge! By offering your used CTOUCH touchscreen back to CTOUCH, you will reduce your environmental impact significantly. Also reduced: your time and troubles.

What happens after we take back your used touchscreen?

Once we've collected your used CTOUCH touchscreen, our service team will inspect it thoroughly. If possible, we'll refurbish the touchscreen and give it a next life. If we cannot refurbish the touchscreen, we'll dispose of it responsibly with WEEELABEX certified e-waste recycling companies.

Taking environmental responsibility

We believe in taking responsibility for our end-of-life products through recycling or refurbishment. For recycling we only partner with WEEELABEX certified e-waste recycling companies to ensure effective recycling. Refurbishment offers us the opportunity to contribute to the circular economy and reach new audiences who will be more than happy with a good-as-new touchscreen.

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