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News 07-09-2022

Introducing CTOUCH Neo: You already know how to use it

CTOUCH proudly introduces the easiest-to-use touchscreen ever: CTOUCH Neo. The CTOUCH Neo has been developed especially for use in higher education and small & medium enterprises, where ease-of-use is the main requirement for touchscreen users.

Its ease-of-use expresses itself through its key features:

  • Choose between whiteboarding, wireless sharing, web browsing and source switching
  • An incredibly accurate writing experience due to the zero bonding technology used
  • JBL® optimised speakers that provide rich sound during video conferences or presentations
  • Cable Lock accessory safely ties up cables preventing theft
  • Stage XXL platform allows large conference cameras to be mounted for maximum room representation
  • Presence detector limits start-up time and conserves energy
  • Bundled with the Fit version of CTOUCH Heartbeat As A Service programme and compatible with Heartbeat Safe, guaranteeing a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage

Anthony van Oijen, CTO at CTOUCH, says: ‘We conducted extensive research which has shown that users have difficulty working with devices if they do not use them daily. Occasional use is definitely the case at higher education and SME, where users switch locations often and bring their own devices. These users informed us that they require only four essential options: whiteboarding, wireless sharing, web browsing and source switching. To meet their demands, we did not add any more than that to CTOUCH Neo’s functionalities.’

Whiteboarding and wireless sharing as it should be

CTOUCH Neo features a whiteboarding tool with only seven options, to get ideas flowing in an instant. The user simply walks to the board, picks a pen or marker and starts their meeting or class immediately.

Wireless sharing is similarly made easy. CTOUCH Neo uses AirServer, allowing the user to use their device’s native screen sharing solution. AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast are all supported and don’t require the installation of an extra app.  

Ultra-fine writing experience

CTOUCH Neo uses zero bonding technology to offer the most intuitive writing experience. By completely eliminating the air gap between the panel and the LCD, the user’s touch is registered precisely and accurately, no matter the writing speed. Anyone can use their finger or pick up the passive pen and start annotating immediately.


To be a perfect fit for modern offices and campuses, CTOUCH Neo is made with the patented CTOUCHABLE™ design philosophy in mind. The screen features an attractive ‘Wisdom Blue’-coloured border. This border is further enriched with anodised aluminum and high performance fabric, the same fabric used on standalone JBL® speakers. These combined make sure that the screen immediately catches the eye of anyone entering the room.

Security by design

Security is of the utmost importance, as the CTOUCH Neo will be used by a wide variety of users. To ensure all settings are off-limits to unauthorized users, the admin is required to set a pin code upon installation. Further safety measures are applied to the saving of documents. After ending a session, all data is wiped so the next user cannot access sensitive information that might have accidentally been left behind.  

Sustainability is key

Keeping in line with CTOUCH’s sustainability goals, CTOUCH Neo features a built-in human presence detector which switches the touchscreen on when a person enters the room. This happens in low light mode, greatly reducing energy usage, while allowing the focus to remain on the lecturer or meeting participants until the touchscreen is used.

Furthermore, a sustainability passport will be made available shortly. This sustainability passport provides a comprehensive insight in the production process and the materials used.

A lifetime of use with CTOUCH Heartbeat

CTOUCH Neo is part of the revolutionary CTOUCH Heartbeat As A Service programme. Users immediately become a member of the free Heartbeat Fit version upon installing their screen for the first time, allowing them to remotely manage all displays in their network. For a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage, there is the Heartbeat Safe subscription. This package is filled to the brim with options that improve the lifetime and experience of the touchscreen. It consists of a wide array of features covering functionality, security, IT management, training and sustainability.

Accessories that make a difference

CTOUCH Neo comes with a unique set of accessories that add numerous benefits for higher education and SME. To cater to growing videoconferencing needs, CTOUCH Neo is bundled with the Stage XXL. Stage XXL is a metal stand that can easily and elegantly be mounted to the display and offers room for the largest of conferencing cameras, a small PC and corresponding power box. Next to that, users will also find the Cable Lock in the box. This nifty tool locks all cables in place, preventing theft.

Full-room audio with the integrated JBL® speakers and microphone array

Prolonging a longstanding partnership, the CTOUCH Neo features speakers that have once again been optimised by JBL®, leading to impressive sound, even in the back of the room. Combined with the integrated microphone array, the CTOUCH Neo is a powerful tool for hybrid meetings and hybrid learning.

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