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Firmware 26-05-2024

CTOUCH Riva D2 firmware update - May 2024

Below you will find the improvements and changes we made in the latest firmware for the CTOUCH Riva D2 touchscreen.

With this new firmware the Riva D2 is ready to run our Droid OPS. CTOUCH Droid OPS is seamlessly integrated with Google’s ecosystem as it comes with EDLA (Enterprise Device License Agreement) certification. The module gives full access to apps like Google Play Store, YouTube and Google Drive.

Discover our Google EDLA module

Release notes CTOUCH Riva D2

FIRMWARE 1005 (May 2024)

  • New: Droid OPS Compatible (Google EDLA Certified Module)
  • New: Advanced Over the Air Update
  • New: Sphere app v2.5.5
  • Improved: Miracast User Interface
  • Improved: Dealer Menu accessibility with Multi User enabled
  • Improved: UboardMate3 Translations
  • Fixed: Startup screen at fixed time

Download the latest firmware now

Did you know you can easily manage and update all CTOUCH screens in your network remotely using CTOUCH Sphere? Go to https://ctouchsphere.eu and enjoy how easy it is.

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