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Firmware 14-11-2023

CTOUCH Neo firmware update - November 2023

Below you will find the improvements and changes we made in the latest firmware for the CTOUCH Neo touchscreen.

Support for EduRoam

An important update with this new firmware release is added support for the worldwide standard platform for higher education: EduRoam. By adding WPA2-Enterprise support, Neo screens can safely be connected to the network using EduRoam credentials and comply with the EduRoam standards.

Another improvement is Bluetooth support for AirServer wireless sharing. This speeds up connectivity and allows for direct discovery in partitioned (education) networks.

We also found that some external cameras act like a USB speaker, but without actually giving sound. We have solved the issue with this firmware: You can select USB or speaker, so sound keeps going over the Neo’s speakers.

Release notes CTOUCH Neo

Firmware 1.5.8 (November 2023)

  • Support for eduroam (WPA-Enterprise)
  • Support for Hidden Wi-Fi networks
  • Support for Bluetooth in AirServer
  • Improved Smart on/off with open apps & sources
  • Updated Sphere app
  • Bug fix: Better support for external cameras
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes

Download the latest firmware now

Did you know you can easily manage and update all CTOUCH screens in your network remotely using CTOUCH Sphere? Go to https://ctouchsphere.eu and enjoy how easy it is.

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